View Full Version : Did Astronema change her mind?

01/10/15, 09:59 PM
In "Astronema Thinks Twice" the title character seemingly leads the Rangers into a trap. Only to reveal she is on the Ranger's side.

Now if she was really tricking Dark Spactor its odd she still led the Rangers into the trap. Since she had to know Spector was trying to trick the Rangers. So was she always on the rangers side?Or did she turn in the end when she couldn't bring herself to turn her brother in?

Captain Codfish
01/10/15, 10:53 PM
I think Astronema was confused since she was loyal to Spector and wanted to be with her brother. She didn't really know what side to take until she made the decision to save the Rangers.

MMPR Forever
01/10/15, 10:54 PM
It was just a melodramatic mess. I hated that episode due to the lack of a Zord battle.

01/10/15, 10:59 PM
This was why Astronema is my favorite villain. There are so many different layers to her character. And you really dont know where she is heading until she makes her choice. Then they throw a curve ball and made her Cyber Astronema. And you dont get to know her fate until the end.