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03/01/15, 12:27 AM
The episode seemed to have a wierd message. Since Mike pouted when he didn't get the Beetle Zord. Only to try and take the zord's himself diisk himself during a crucial battle. Yet Mia just gave him the beetle disk because she thinks he is better than her at being a samurai. So Mia works hard and gives up her new zord to guy Mike is 'being selfish. Ji is even guilted into apoligizing to Milke. When Mike was.l the one completely out of line..

Massive Ego
03/01/15, 09:49 AM
Mike acted like a child for the first half of the episode. Ji didn't owe him any apology. Mike should not have been given that Beetle Disk. Mia just give ing it up really sent a bad message to young girls. But Ji was a weak mentor so I am not surprised he caved to Mike.

Gosei Gold
03/01/15, 06:20 PM
Mike was sorry for what he did. Mentor just realized he should have tried harder to get through to him , rather than complain. Mike learned his lesson and earned the disk.

Khan's Wrath
03/03/15, 01:48 PM
Mike was clearly wrong. But he made up for it in the end when he did right by his team. Mia gave him the disk the second time. So it was okay. Ji just tried a different approach because he wasn't getting through to Kevin.

Massive Ego
03/03/15, 01:52 PM
Sorry Ji should have stuck to his guns and kicked. Mike off the team. The guy clearly want worthy of being Ranger. There had to be another descendent of Green Samurai to choose from.

03/03/15, 01:58 PM
Sorry Ji should have stuck to his guns and kicked. Mike off the team. The guy clearly want worthy of being Ranger. There had to be another descendJuent of Green Samurai to choose from.

Samurai Rangers didn't work like that though since their powers were passed on to the next in line in their family and it's entirely possible Mike didn't have anyone left in his family... and kicking people off the team just because they're not acting the proper way isn't how to handle business... otherwise tons of Rangers would have been kicked off the team.

Jason = because he always got too overworked when his friends were in danger.
Aisha = because she was getting a little selfish with her responsibilities with that fire safety thing.
Justin = because he used his powers for personal gain.
Andros = because he was overly jealous.
Dana = for the unusual character change in her when she became a model.
Eric = for his jerkish attitude.
Taylor = for her jerkish attitude.
Dustin = for him not being that smart and also because of him causing the attention he was getting due to saving Kelly going to his head.
Jack = for losing sight in his responsibilities when being a Ranger comes first instead of smacking on a woman.
Overdrive team = all 6 of them quitting the second they lost their powers and were replaced by the Retro team. True Rangers don't give up even without their powers.
Theo = because of him being overly sensitive and jealous.

Massive Ego
03/03/15, 05:29 PM
Actually I think everyone except Jason, Aishia, and Andros should have been kicked off the team.

03/03/15, 05:30 PM
Andros was a great Rangers . He just had to learn to work as a team. He was obviously hurt by all that he lost in his life. He was a very tragic character until the end. Can't blame him for acting like he did.

Inner Senshi
03/03/15, 05:38 PM
I didn't like how cold Andros was in the beginning. I really didn't warm up to him until the second half of Space.He started to become come more nice because of Ashley and his other new friends.

I agree about Eric , he was a big jerk. He should had lost his morpher for good. I also don't like how he was treated like a Red Ranger in "Forever Red".' He wasn't one and shouldn't have been there.

Gosei Gold
03/03/15, 05:43 PM
Mike was the best in Samurai. Sure he had a lot to learn compared to everyone else. But that was part of his appeal. You go to watch him become stronger and learn to be a better teammate as the season went on. There was no time to kick him off the team and train another family member.

Delta Black
03/03/15, 06:20 PM
Lets be real here. The Rangers all have something to learn every season . Their often times teenagers or young men and woman. Thats part of the journey of the season. We need characters who grow and learn to make the show interesting. A perfect show with perfect characters is boring and has no drama. Mike messed up , he was yelled at, fessed up to his mistake, learned something new about Ji/his powers, and became a better Ranger because of all of it.

Lightspeed Zeo
03/03/15, 06:22 PM
Thank you Delta, you said it best. Sometimes we forget that the characters in the shows can't be perfect or always make the right decisions. Otherwise there would be no show.