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Conversation Between TokuNoob and chaosx
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  1. chaosx
    01/17/10 01:28 PM
    oh okay but if you want to tell your riders i'll put them on my kamen rider story. besides since i'm going to be a game designer i need some other people ideas for the kamen rider game i'm making. you will get credit for the idea i just want to see if there are other people who want to see the kamen riders turned into reality.
  2. chaosx
    01/16/10 08:39 PM
    what do you mean by rpg?
  3. TokuNoob
    01/16/10 04:29 PM
    Eh. Just the ones I'm already playing with in the RPGs.
  4. chaosx
    01/16/10 01:24 PM
    yo TokuNoob. i was woundering do you have any created kamen riders? if so tell me them and i'll put them on ym kamen rider stoy lines cast

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