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No Green Spandex 09/22/16 11:30 AM

Was Hartford wrong?
It seemed pretty arrogant for Hartford to think he could just make a son with robotics and lie to him about it. He interfered with the laws of nature and played god.

Lord Leo 09/22/16 11:32 AM

Re: What Hartford wrong?
Deffinitly....And don't forget how he caused the whole mess in the first place by desturbing the crown.

Forever Pink 09/22/16 11:34 AM

Re: What Hartford wrong?
I never thought about it that way. I figured Hartford wanted a son to love. But didn't want Mack to feel bad for being a robot.

Jungle Master 09/23/16 08:09 AM

Re: What Hartford wrong?
Hartford did nothing wrong. He built Mack out of love and did everything in his power to protect him. He said so hinself, he would have giving up alll the gems to save Mack. Hartford was overprotective at times but loved Mack enough to ultimately let him be a Power Ranger.

Sailor Moon Ranger 09/23/16 11:38 AM

Re: What Hartford wrong?
Hartford was a good man and a great father. Mack realized this in the end.

Hailey Hartford 09/23/16 01:41 PM

Re: What Hartford wrong?
I admit I wasn't originally that into the whole "Mack is an Android" thing. I did come around. The one thing that happened I wasn't happy about was when he was turned human by Sentinel Knight. To me it was a Pinocchio moment imo. Hartford was just a lonely billionaire who just wanted a son so he built one.

Captain Codfish 09/24/16 07:25 AM

Re: What Hartford wrong?
I didn't like that either. They spent so long showing that Mack was a living thing despite being a robot. And then just have him get made human like being a robot made him less alive.

Goldar's Revenge 09/24/16 07:29 AM

Re: What Hartford wrong?
Hartford had a God complex. He truely loved Mack but was wrong to try and create life. It was also wrong of him to try and decieve him. Mack was perfectly justified in being mad at Andrew.

It was beyond rediculus that Mack became human. It could the whole narative of him proving to others and himself that he was alive. That being a robot didn't make him less of a person. In the end the writers too the easy easy out.

Calamity Kimberly 09/24/16 08:17 AM

Re: What Hartford wrong?
Hartford wanted to have kids but figured he was too old. He didn't make Mack to be some kind of great invention. He built him as his son and always treated him as such. His big mistake was lying to Mack.

Green With Envy 09/24/16 12:07 PM

Re: What Hartford wrong?
Hartford realized he was wrong to do what he did but he did truly love Mack and wanted to do what was best for him. Mack was his son.

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