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TripleTokuGeek83 03/15/19 08:35 PM

Ultraman Gaia
This is my favorite Ultraman. Unlike other Ultras who draw power from light, he draws power from the light energies of the Earth itself. As a result, his attacks are constantly getting stronger. Plus, he has an amazing attack called the Photon Edge! The guy who plays his host follows me on Twitter.


Zabitan 03/17/19 05:13 PM

Re: Ultraman Gaia
I finally got around to watching it on Crunchyroll last year.

I thought it was good since I like the idea that there were two Ultramen one who was a typical aww shucks nice guy who wanted to protect the Earth, and humanity, and an asshole with a hidden heart of gold who who just wanted to protect Earth but thought humanity was a threat.

I also liked the whole plot with the radical destruction entity.

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