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Sweetened Angel 01/25/06 05:32 PM

what are you listening to right now?
samething we did before. what kind song do you guys listen to?

now i listen to whitney houston - run to you

KiraFordFan2005 01/26/06 12:39 AM

Right now I'm listening to an electronica/dance girl group called "Soda Club" and the song I'm listening to from them is "Keep Love Together (Devine Inspiration Radio Edit)" 8)

01/26/06 01:14 AM

Luther Vandross Here and Now, and Superstar

Kari 01/26/06 11:39 AM

The Tribe album "Abe Messiah"

DarkMan 01/26/06 01:40 PM

seals song kissed by a rose on the grey

Razi 01/26/06 11:12 PM

Bleed American- Jimmy Eat World


RavenX 01/26/06 11:55 PM

Glad this thread is back. :)

Stabbing Westward - Save yourself

Razi 01/27/06 01:00 AM

Impossible- Whitney Houston and Brandy


01/27/06 02:49 AM

My Favorite Comedian Mitch Hedberg.

RavenX 01/27/06 01:36 PM

LL Cool J - Booming System 8) oldschool. haha

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