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Overdrive Omega 09/09/20 08:10 AM

Plan Xander
Anyone else annoyed by this in Mystic Force? It just felt so silly and overdone.

Lord Leo 09/11/20 03:01 AM

Re: Plan Xander
I thought it was refreshing to have a Ranger try to hog the spotlight and fall on his face.

No Green Spandex 09/11/20 03:02 AM

Re: Plan Xander
Unlike a certain other former Green Ranger we know...

Nasty Nick 09/19/20 12:18 PM

Re: Plan Xander
I was more annoyed by how Nick always had to be the focus.

Ranger Eagle 09/19/20 12:19 PM

Re: Plan Xander
I wonder why they decided to have Richard keep his accent?

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