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Razi 06/16/06 11:38 PM

Sally Martin
I think we are pretty familiar with Sally Martin, aka Tori from PRNS. She was one of the characters in Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, the latest movie on Disney, playing the character Tori, one of Wendy's best friends (not her same character but same name) She did pretty well. You Go Sally!



Kari 06/16/06 11:56 PM

Sally was also in The Tribe as Kandy and in one episode of Atlantis High as Dana (you really need to be a Tribe Fan to know Atlantis High haha)

kiraford5 06/17/06 09:12 AM

yup...i saw wendy wu. Sally was good in that.

Razi 06/18/06 06:33 PM

What are the odds though that she would have the same character name? Tori and Tori.....Must be spelled differently, but still awesome.


kiraford5 06/19/06 09:19 AM

It wasn't. I looked in the credits.

JasonDavidFrankFan4Life 06/19/06 12:49 PM

i watched that movie. i didn't realize it was her. lol. i'm a dork.

jdf195allmine 06/20/06 09:56 PM

i kno so did i ... wow shows how much i pay attention!!! lol

Razi 06/20/06 09:57 PM

I just listened to her voice, and looked at theat face and I questioned it for a moment, but then I realized, it was her.


jdf195allmine 06/20/06 09:59 PM

ITS LIKE ' uhhhhhhhhhh *drool* who is that ? she looks famillar?lol :lol:

Razi 06/20/06 10:00 PM

LOL, totally


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