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MattEmily 02/07/13 06:22 PM

Power Rangers, VR Troopers, Beetleborgs and Masked Rider Alums' Deaths
I was wondering if all of these guys and gals, men and women are the only ones who have passed on who have played some role in Power Rangers even if it's just Sentai footage. Sentai actors, Power Rangers actors, Power Rangers voice actors, anything we see in Power Rangers is fair game.

Here's what I've been able to gather up so far.

Thuy Trang (Trini)
Edward Laurence Albert (Mr. Collins)
Eric Frank (David Trueheart)
Jack Banning (Professor Phenomenous)
Bob Papenbrook (voice of Rito and Deviot)
Bob Manahan (voice of Zordon)
Machiko Soga (Rita in Sentai/Zyuranger footage)

EDITED IN NOTE: Any deaths of cast members that have appeared in Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and Saban's Masked Rider can be posted in here.
Also Directors, crew members, suit actors, etc. from the aforementioned shows as well as anyone from the Japanese counterparts that have passed on can also be posted here as well as long as it's noted who they were, what they did and what season and/or series they had primarily worked on.

MattEmily 02/07/13 06:27 PM

Re: Power Rangers Alum Deaths
I've also gathered the following from Rangerboard:


Thanks to Quasar Fire for this info.
Stuart Quan (stuntie)
Lawrence Simeone (Director for Turbo's "Curve Ball" and "Carlos and the Count"

Roger Olkowski (Cinematography/Camera Operator on Zeo and Space)
Robert V. Barron (ADR writer for early MMPR)
Minoru Uchiyama (appears to be a Sentai costume/make-up artist but MMPR Productions considers it to be part of Power Rangers since they credited an ep due to his passing)
NOTE: According to IMDb which isn't usually reliable but it's the best source of info we've got on it but it appears Stuart Quan was the stunt double for the Red Ranger in the MMPR Movie.

MattEmily 02/07/13 06:29 PM

Re: Power Rangers Alum Deaths
George "Buck" Flower is another one that has passed on.
He had a minor role in Power Rangers, he was one of the minor characters during "Countdown to Destruction" that was shouting that he's a Power Rangers but minor or not, he still counts.

MattEmily 02/07/13 06:34 PM

Re: Power Rangers Alum Deaths
According to Storm Eagle at Rangerboard, Hal England (Earl aka Captain Mitchell's friend) died.

According to RSW (RedSavageWarrior,) Jun Tatara, the actor that portrayed Barza in Zyuranger also passed on. Because Barza footage was used as Zordon flashbacks, he will count.

MattEmily 02/07/13 06:35 PM

Re: Power Rangers Alum Deaths
Oh yeah, how stupid of me. I forgot about Richard Genelle, the one that played Ernie. Thanks to Rangerboard's SuperSentaiFan for reminding me.

TaJaDoru 02/07/13 07:43 PM

Re: Power Rangers Alum Deaths
Peta Rutter, who played Udonna in Mystic Force, died in 2010 of a brain tumor.


The late Peta Rutter acted on stage and screen. On television, she joined the ensemble of 90s sketch series Away Laughing, appeared in dysfunctional family tale Home Movie, and played one of the heroes in Power Rangers: Mystic Force. In 1999 Rutter took a key role in big screen romance This is Not a Love Story, as a successful artist at a crossroads. Rutter passed away in July 2010, after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

MattEmily 02/07/13 11:15 PM

Re: Power Rangers Alum Deaths
Ah yes. How did I forget her?

MattEmily 02/09/13 02:55 AM

Re: Power Rangers Alum Deaths
According to Valsag Fantasy, it was reported back in 2013 but they reported that out of the previous Sentai actors for the Sentai teams, only one had passed on.
The one they're referring to is Baku Hitakeyama, he portrayed the role of Ooiwa Daita, the first Ki Ranger (Yellow Ranger) for Goranger.

He wasn't ever seen in Power Rangers but I figure, why not include him?

Also there was the guy that played Tao in VR Troopers.

MattEmily 09/29/13 12:26 AM

Re: Power Rangers Alum Deaths
Gardner Baldwin, the guy that played Ziktor and also voiced Grimlord in "VR Troopers" was also someone that had passed on some time ago.

MattEmily 02/12/14 03:56 PM

Re: Power Rangers, VR Troopers, Beetleborgs and Masked Rider Alums' Deaths
Maurice Mendoza (Richie) (MMPR) (mostly Season 2) has also passed away.

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