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Default Re: Random Zeo questions

1) Was it ever mentioned what African country Tanya is from?
No it wasn't.

2) Dose anyone understand the time travel that led us into Zeo?
It's tough to comprehend it exactly but I would assume that the Orb of Doom had reversed time but it was only a time spell to make the Earth think it was reversed back in time which is probably why the Rangers could still gain access to the Shogunzords and possibly the Ninjazords if the Alien Rangers needed them since they did need the assistance of the Falconzord.

1) Why was Ernie's Beach Club on the lake? I mean, they were filming in Los Angeles at the time, could't they have gone to an actual beach?
I would assume it has to do with what was easiest to get to and what would be the easiest to shut down for the duration of their filming.

2) Why was it that only the actors for Cestro and Delphine returned though out the run of Zeo? Could they not get the other Alien Ranger actors or did they not want to get the other actors?
I believe it's a case of them being unable to get the others.

3) In relation to the Tanya question, has Nakia Burrise ever stated why her character is from an African tribe, yet she played the character as a typical American teenager?
No I don't believe she has but I doubt it would've been up to her anyway since she just plays the part she's not a writer.

4) Why was it necessary to introduce the Machine Empire as the new villains? Granted they were using Sentai footage, but they eventually brought back Zedd and company with original footage, so why not just keep Zedd and Rita all season?
Because they wanted to use new villains as well as use the Sentai footage at the same time. Yes they brought back Zedd and Rita but they still wanted to use the Sentai footage of the Machine Empire.
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