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Default Re: Power Rangers Original Zord Footage

Here's the recap.

MMPR Season 1 had no new zord footagge.

Thunder Megazord vs Octophantom = just a couple scenes
Thunder Megazord vs Tigerzord Warrior Mode in "Best Man For Job" had a mixture of original footage and Sentai footage. Any shots you see of them in the same shot is new.

Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord Warrior Mode vs Repellator is original however there's also Sentai stock shots.

Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord Warrior Mode vs Rito and the 4 Zyu2 Monsters = Original footage but also Sentai/Zyu2 shots.

5 Shogunzords in "Changing of the Zords."
5 Shogunzords vs Sinister Simian
Pyramidas in "Do I Know You?" and "Revelations of Gold"
Turbo Megazord in movie, Shadow Rangers and the drag race ep.
Astro Megazord, Delta Megazord, Mega Voyager and Mega Winger Battle Mode in "Dark Specter's Revenge."

Mega Winger Battle Mode vs Velocifighter in Countdown to Destruction.

GalactaBeasts in a few episodes, notably their debut episode, the episode in which Leo gets lucky with understanding his Lionzord and the teamup with Space.

Galaxy Megazord vs Loyax and also in the last episode along with the teamup with Space. Its battle against Loyax was mostly Sentai but they added a few original bits into it.

Defender Torozord trying to break down Destruxo's barrier in I believe "Orion Returns" as well as it trying to hold open the portal that opened in the Lost Galaxy.
Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazord vs suicide bombers Stingwingers.
Max Solarzord Battle Mode in the episode with the evil tree vines.
Lightspeed Solarzord in the ep when Bansheera regains her form (even though it was a badly damaged form)
Omega and Lifeforce Megazord in "Fate of Lightspeed."
Shadow Force Mode Blue in "Future Unknown" although the battle itself was all Sentai if I recall correctly.
Q-Rex Dino and Megazord Modes. Dino Mode in "Clash For Control." Not all of it was original.
Both modes in "Quantum Secrets." Dino Mode in "End of Time."
Time Force Megazord Mode Blue in "Destiny Defeated." Any shots you saw of it while Eric was in the same shot of it was new otherwise it would've came from Sentai.

I'm also aware of Predazord Spear Mode, Predazord and Animus having new footage and I can confirm that they did. Predazord and Animus had some new footage in the finale against Master Org.

Both the Storm and Thunder Megazords had new footage in the 2-part finale. Thunder Megazord had a few scenes reshot against Vexacus.

Swat Megazord had new footage against Omni.

Dino Thunder and Mystic Force did not have any original footage for the various zords.

No confirmation for the other seasons.
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