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Originally Posted by Razi View Post
I think we are pretty familiar with Sally Martin, aka Tori from PRNS. She was one of the characters in Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, the latest movie on Disney, playing the character Tori, one of Wendy's best friends (not her same character but same name) She did pretty well. You Go Sally!
indeed but the name in the movie was with a y and not an i if I recall correctly but it was nice to see her in something different.

Originally Posted by Luv_21 View Post
Wendy Wu was a good movie.I also noticed that the same dude that worked on power rangers did this movie.Koichi something...cant remember the name.But Sally did a swell job in the move.
yes that I agree with Wendy Wu was a good movie and that's correct that Koichi Sakamoto was involved with the production the production was done mostly in New Zealand for his benefit.
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