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Default Re: Saban's own original PR concepts

Originally Posted by PRdude View Post

The types of things that Saban has made for PR on his own are things such as:
villains: Lord Zedd, Divatox, Astronema
weapons: Titanium Laser/Ax, Mega Batte Weapons, Chrono Blasters
armor: Metallic Armor, Red Battlized Armor, Red Armored Power Ranger
vehicles: Shark Cycles, Mobile Armored Vehicle, Vector Cycles
allies: Alpha 5, Zordon, Dimitria
headquarters/fortresses: Zedd's fortress, Subcraft, Lightspeed Aquabase
ranger: Titanium Ranger

The only thing that he hasn't made on his own was a Zord. Do you guys think he'd ever do that? Do you guys think he should? I wouldn't count the Ninja Ultrazord and Shogun Ultrazord, since I'm actually referring to individual Zords, and not conglomerate Zords. There was a Silver Titanus carrier Zord in the PRIS toy line, but that never even appeared in the show, so I'm not sure if I'd count that either.
I'm not sure about the Chrono Blasters but you're right with everything else including Zedd's Chamber of Commands.
Yes you're right he hasn't made his own (unless you count the Ninja and Shogun Ultrazords but those were just toys so I personally don't count them in that case even though they were original footage) but anyway I personally don't see him ever making his own zord.

Originally Posted by Emerald Phantom View Post
Saban also came up with the Silver Ranger's rover which was used as Vypra's vehicle in Lightspeed.

The White Ranger also got a new morpher technically. The White Ranger was used with the Zyurangers, although he was in Dairanger. He earned the gold morpher and coin. In Dairanger, I think he used his sword (Saba in PR) and the same morpher as the other Dairangers (which was used as Magna Defender's morpher in Lost Galaxy).
Yes there was the Galactic Rover which was repurposed as the Vyprari.
That's partially correct with Dairanger but he actually had a Changer as well. Gingaman's BullBlack is the one that used a Sword to transform.

Originally Posted by Jason38Uk View Post
I thought the Galactic Rover was based on a vehicle used in Sentai.
I'm positive I've seen a Sentai picture of it; however it was red coloured as opposed to silver.
NOTE : I'm not 100% sure - it was ages ago.
I think I also a pic of the Blue Senturion with a wife and child - again these were both ages ago so I'm entirely sure if I'm recalling it correctly
I don't know if the Galactic Rover was based on a previous vehicle used in Sentai or not but the Galactic Rover itself was still an original creation for Power Rangers.
That's correct with the Blue Senturion but that was Japanese footage, his family was never seen in Power Rangers.

Originally Posted by zeogold View Post
Actually, the Shark Cycles were sentai. They were used for the Kakuranger series (Alien Rangers in US). They were just used for our Rangers. And I always thought that Zedd's palace was the same palace as Rita's, he just used a different chamber. And there are other villains you forgot: Dark Spectre, Scorpius, Trakeena, Ransik.
Yes there were Shark Cycles in Kakuranger but the Shark Cycles in Power Rangers were original creations even though like the ones in Kakuranger they were based on a shark.

Zedd's Chamber is in Rita's Palace, it's just in another part of the palace much like how Rita could always walk to Finster's Workshop from her main room.

Originally Posted by Eric Myers View Post
He did have to make a Pink cycle. and I was thinking last nite, why there wasn't a a pink shogan zord but a pink ninja zord. But i figured it out, there wasn't a pink ninja zord in the alian sentai version, it was just a white crain with like pink on it. and saban being as cheap as he is just turned it into a pink one. And do you guys remember the reason why there wasn't a pink shogan zord? was it b-cuz her powers were running low? But that wouldn't make scence b-cuz rito found the shogan zords in the forest. So what was the real reason?
Correct they did need to make a Pink Cycle which is why they just opted for their own design.
That's correct, there were only 5 Shogunzords in Kakuranger and not one of them were pink. It wasn't a case of Saban being cheap in regards to the Ninjazords it was a case of the writers wanting all 6 to have Ninjazords so they gave the Crane to Kimberly and they gave the Falcon to Tommy.
Yes the whole thing involving her powers running low is technically true since Kat had stolen her Coin which allowed her to steal the Falconzord and kidnap Ninjor. Because the Ninja Coins were linked to each Ranger's well being it was constantly draining Kimberly of her life since it was in evil hands.
Rito didn't find the Shogunzords at all. Squatt, Baboo and Finster did.

Originally Posted by Frax2001AD View Post
The storyline in the tv of y there was no pink shougun zord was cuz kim lost her coin.
Actually not lost it was stolen.

Originally Posted by SlipstreamRanger View Post
The Galactic Rover is sentai orginal, Saban did what he did with the Dai Ranger Morpher the Rover was used in one of the old Sentai Series it was Maskman i think or Bio Man near that, the Green Rangers Power morpher was Gold the White Rangers was a more of a Metallic kind of look
Regardless of whether it was in Maskman or not such a prop wouldn't have last for that length of time. The Galactic Rover was an original creation.

Originally Posted by zyuray View Post
No, thats not the reason there wasn't a pink Shogun Zord. There wasn't a pink shogunzord because there just wasnt. The Rangers stole these zords from Zedd, who found them They werent given to the Rangers, so why should the colors have matched?
Exactly, the zords were likely created for someone else and they weren't make for Zordon's Rangers but Zedd's minions found them and attempted to use them for themselves but Billy was able to take the zords away from them.

Originally Posted by PRdude View Post
Well as for the reason why there was a toy Pink Shogunzord instead of white, that must have been Bandai's flaw. I guess they were just used to having the five basic colors being red, black, blue, yellow, and pink [not white].

Another thing is that in Kakuranger, there were white, red, black, blue, and yellow rangers. They started off with the Shogunzords, then the Battle Borgs, and then the Ninjazords. So for Saban to use this for MMPRs3, he had to rearrange the order in which the Zords appeared. The Crane Ninjazord, even though a white mecha in Kakuranger, probably was able to pass as a pink mecha for PR. Plus they had the Falconzord, which is a self-operated mecha in Kakuranger. They were able to use that for the White Ranger's Zord for PR. Kimberly was going to leave the show, so they just made it so that they didn't get a Shogunzord along with the other rangers. She'd have to co-pilot the White Shogunzord with Tommy. Then they got Kat, and she did it. Then, they used the Kakuranger suits for the Alien Rangers, and had them use the Battle Borgs and borrow the rangers' Shogunzords whenever necessary.

Oh yeah, I should have also mentioned the Ninja Rangers as Saban's original rangers, along with the Titanium Ranger.
That's what I'm thinking with Bandai, either that or they just didn't care and decided they wanted to stick to the usual format.

Indeed the Crane was able to pass for a Pink Mecha because it did have some pinkish among it whereas the Falcon did not.
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