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I was going to wait untill the new forum was ready to be opened. But I already announced this at Lahana Forums just now. So I guess the cat is out of the bag. We are moving to a Vbulletin Message Board very shortly. I think you will all like this software much more than invisionfree. But it gets even better. Vbulletin has a program that allows for board owners to transfer the information on the boards to their new Vbulletins. So all the memberships and posts from here will be at the new board. All log in information should still work over there. Posts from the old PRO Ezboard have already been transfered over ( ezboard memberships can't be transfered) . Also jioning us are the memberships and posts from Lahanaforums. I am still waiting to purchase a back up of this board. I need it to transfer our posts and memberships over. So once I get that , the move should happen shortly. I'll direct everyone to our new url at that point. Things should be getting better. As Vbulletin is a real step up. And will help this forum grow in the long term.
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