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Default Hall of Fame Inductee 5: Tommy Oliver

Tommy Oliver is the fifth inductee for this year's PRO Hall of Fame class. He is going into the Character Wing. Being that he is an obvious fictional character on the show. But one that had a huge Impact.

Power Rangers debuted in 1993. It quickly became a success. With five ordinary teens fighting evil in Spandex. But soon there would be sixth. As Tommy Oliver joined the team. The Tommy Oliver is the most important Power Rangers character of all time.

Tommy debuted as this flashy yet someone shy new kid who was able to equal Jason in battle. He seemed to warm up to Kimberly. Soon enough Rita puts him under an evil Spell and makes him her evil Green Ranger. Tommy, now with a more sinister personality, secretly makes life hard for our heros. As he attacks the Command Center and causes Zordon to be lost in time and space. And to make matters worse the Rangers can't beat him. So Tommy succeeded where no villain was able to at this point. At a time when PR had a very big status quo, it was shaken.

Tommy becomes even more of a threat when he is given the Sword of Darkness. Almost killing Jason in Rita's Dark Demension. Tommy even grows to massive size and helps Goldar/Scorpina to nearly destroy the Megazord. To top it off Tommy even gets a cool new Dragonzord of his own. Of course the Rangers get Zordon and their zords back. With Jason ultimately freeing Tommy from Rita's spell. Tommy in turn joins the team.

Due to the Zyuranger footage, the producers constantly have to put Tommy in a situation that separates him from the rest of the team. Which leads to him usually coming in to save the day. Which only added to the Tommy coolness factor. What wasn't to like about him. He came in, kicked the Power Rangers buts, only to join them and become the ultimate hero. And to top it all off... He got a the coolest zord of them all. So it was no big shock that Tommy quickly became the most popular character on the show.

But there was only so much Green Ranger footage and Tommy was planned to only be a temporary character. So plans we're put in motion to right off Tommy and send Jason David Frank onto a new show called Cybertron ( which later became VR Troopers). Tommy lost his powers as Rita used her Green Candle to drain them. Kids didn't not respond well to this. As Tommy had become such a big part of Power Rangers success by this point. So the producers quickly realized their mistakes and immidiately made plans to bring Tommy back.

But this only added to the mythos of the character. As his powers we're only restored partially. Prompting a sympathic storyline where he slowly lost his powers again. This made for a great storyline. And the kids ate it up because they we're rooting for their favorite character. There was also the love story between Tommy and Kim. Which was a huge draw as well.

In season 2 the Tommy storyline came to a head when he finally lost all power. Only to shortly return as the White Ranger. It what was probably the peak of MMPR's fad. Now Tommy had near invincible powers. As well as a new zord and toy sword. Tommy also now the leader of the Power Rangers. And clearly positioned as the star.

Some argued that Tommy became complacent at this point. Since he was pretty unbeatable and no longer had the problems that he had. But no one could deny that Power Rangers was his show at the time.

Tommy remained on for several more seasons. Becoming the Red Ranger in Zeo and later Turbo. But Power Rangers wasn't what it used to be and Jason David Frank wanted out. A complete cast change was made and just like that Tommy was gone.

Tommy returned several years later in the special "Forever Red" team up. Where he led a team of Red Rangers against the Machine Empire. Giving fitting closure to the character. But this wouldn't be Tommy's last battle.

In 2004 word came out that Tommy Oliver was returning to Power Rangers. But word was leaked too early, as a deal wasn't done. So it was promptly denied. Still a huge stir was created in the fandom. Soon it was confirmed that Tommy was in indeed returning to the show to mentor the DinoThunder Team and to become the Black Ranger. Dr. Tommy Oliver recruited a new group of teens to become Power Rangers. Before becoming Black Ranger himself. We we're treated to a classic episode, in 'Fighting Spirit". As Tommy is in a coma and forced to fight himself as Green, White , and Red Zeo Ranger.

Even though Tommy's role in Power Rangers has once again ended one can not deny the Impact the character has had. He is the most mainstream character in the show's history. And who knows if PR would have been as big without him.?Timing and being in the right place is everything. Tommy was Power Rangers X Factor. Thus he deserves to be the first Character Inducted into the PRO Hall of Fame.
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Default Re: Hall of Fame Inductee 5: Tommy Oliver

I hope I am allowed to comment here if not delete and pm me to let me know, I agree 100% tommy oliver if there was such a 'legacy ranger' he would be it. No one ment more in the long run to the PR Universe then him.
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