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Default Original Kamen Rider

Since there's already one for Sentai I thought why not one for Kamen Rider as well

Kamen Rider Sanagi

A long time ago a group of scientists came up with a theory that humanity was an aberrant evolution, and that a meteoric collision millions of years ago led to the aberration in evolution that lead to man.

This eventually lead them to the conclusion that in order to fix this they would have to turn all humans into half human half animal mutants starting with themselves as well as some unwilling test subjects. The mutant scientists called themselves and their minions NEST (Neo Evolution Supreme Transformation).

One day NEST began experimenting on creating a cyborg super mutant one that had the powers of all kinds of animals, and could switch between them they called it Sanagi. It was then that NEST kidnapped a young man named Shiro Kanzaki with the intent of transforming him into Sanagi.

Luckily Shiro was able to escape a NEST mind controlling procedure and now uses his new found powers as Kamen Rider Sanagi to fight NEST

Kamen Rider Sanagi/Shiro Kanzaki
A young man who was kidnapped by the organization NEST because of his martial arts abilities to be their new super cyborg mutant. However he was able to escape from a NEST mind control procedure.

In his civilian life Shiro is a student at the Dai Shin Ryu dojo run by his sensei Hanzo Uchihara alongside his long time rival Ryo Takeshi.

As Sanagi his base mutant form is a nanotech based Cocoon themed starter form that doesn't have any elemental based offensive powers but makes up for it with heavy defensive powers that can absorb energy from attacks thrown at him by NEST's mutants.

When ever he defeats a mutant he gets their powers, and can transform into new more powerful forms based on the elements of the mutants he destroys. when he destroys enough mutants of a certain type his form for that type evolves into a more powerful form.

Earth Form
Based on a cat attacks with claws, and earth manipulating attacks, has high defense but slow speed. Evolves into Rock Form, and later Mountain Form the more mammal themed mutants he fights.

Wind Form
Based on a crow attacks with feather blades, has high speed, and attack, and controls wind but low defense. Evolves into Gust Form, and later Tornado Form the more bird themed mutants he fights.

Fire Form
Based on a Lizard uses a gun, and controls fire. Has high attack, defense, and speed but weak against water. Evolves into Blaze Form, and later Volcano Form the more reptile mutants he fights.

Water Form
Based on a shark attacks with a trident, and controls water. high attack, and speed but low defense vunerable to electricity. Evolves into Wave From, and later Tsunami Form

Metal Form
Based on a grasshopper attacks with a hammer, and controls metal. high attack, and defense but slow speed, and vulnerable to electricity. Evolves into Steel Form, and later Alloy Form the more insect mutants he fights.

Slime Form
Based on a Snail attacks with nunchucks low attack but high speed, and defense, and vulnerable to salt. evolves into Poison Form, and later Toxin Form the more snail, slug, and worm mutants he fights.

NEST (Neo Evolution Supreme Transformation)

A group of scientists who transform humans into mutant animals believing that man is an aberrant evolution. They are seven leaders one from each continent calling themselves the Spectrum Beast Kings. Each one is in charge of an army based on their respective animal type.

General Leo
The Spectrum Beast King from Africa in charge of NEST's mammal themed mutants. He is part lion, and models himself after a hunter. His elemental affinity is earth.

Sir Hawk
The Spectrum Beast King from Europe in charge of NEST's bird mutants. He is Part hawk and fashions himself after a knight, and lives by a knights code. His elemental affinity is wind.

Draco McSlyther
The Spectrum Beast King from America in charge of NEST's reptile mutants.He is part tyrannosaurus He rides a motorcycle, and models himself after a cowboy. his elemental affinity is fire.

Delfin De Aqua
The Spectrum Beast King from South America in charge of NEST's sea animal mutants. She is part Dolphin, and resembles a mermaid. her elemental affinity is water.

Shogun Kabuto
The Spectrum Beast King from Japan in charge of NEST's insect mutants. He is part beetle, and models himself after a samurai, and lives by the samurai code the way Sir Hawk lives by a knights code. His elemental affinity is steel.

Guy Slug
The Spectrum Beast King from Australia in charge of NEST's worm, snail, and slug mutants. He has a road warrior motif His elemental affinity is slime, and poison.

There's one for Dinosaurs like there's some race creatures that evolved from dinosaurs the way we evolved from primates, and have all these monsters that also evolved from dinosaurs trying to invade the surface world because we invented some way to use the earth's core as power.

And the Rider was either a dino person who rebels against his own species to protect humans or is a member of an organization that fights them.

But that's all I could think of except for maybe calling them Kamen Rider Koryu.

one idea I had was a cross between Kamen Rider, and Ghost Rider like the Rider is a guy who sells his soul to Enma or Izanami, and he has to pay it off by becoming a shinigami.

And he fights all these various monsters that could be loosely based on various movie monsters like the incredible melting man, and the wasp woman but look like various Showa era Kamen Rider monsters like Magma Human Ghoster, and Hachi Onna.

And the show could be done as a superhero version of shows like The Outer Limits, and Tales from the Darkside but still have a big bad, and have it be Amatsu Mikaboshi.

My only problem is it might be too much like Hibiki, or Kiva.

Another is Kamen Rider Ryusei it takes place a couple hundred years in the future when Earth is at war with every other planet in the universe so we start turning people into mutant cyborgs for the war but one of them Kamen Rider Galaxis plays all sides, and ends up becoming the emperor of the entire universe with all the planets being ruled by his generals.

And Ryusei was a lieutenant under Galaxis during the war but now tries to overthrow him, and free the universe.

And all the various planets, and their generals could be based on various themes like dinosaurs, ghosts, water, etc.

and instead of a motorcycle Ryusei could ride around on a speeder bike like in Star Wars.
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Default Re: Original Kamen Rider

Interesting so far, even thought i am only familar with saban's adaptation of kamen rider black.
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