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Default So I decided to give Lightspeed a try...

Lightspeed was that season that, at first glance, failed for me on every level. The suits were ugly (my least favorite to this day), the mecha looked clunky, and the rescue theme didn't grab me. I watched a couple episodes and wrote it off. I've spent years watching and wondering at the small but vocal group that constantly held it up as a great season.

While at Morphicon , I attended a couple panels where the actor who played Ryan/Titanium Ranger was featured. For some reason, listening to him talk about his time on the show re-ignited my curiosity for the season, and I decided to give it a fair run when I got some spare time. So I sat down the last couple days and started watching it, and...

I f***ing love it! I just finished episode 20 (the asteroid episode), and it's been a great ride so far. I will say, the first 5 or so episodes kinda blow, but then it gets really good out of nowhere, and just sorta stays awesome.

Some key points:

1) My gripes about the suits and mecha still stand. They're ugly, just god awful.

2) The characters and actors make up for the aesthetic short-comings. The only truly weak actors are Dana and Vypra (and my god, neither of them can act their way out of a paper bag). The rest are some of the stronger actors the franchise has seen. And none of the characters lack definition like in some adjacent seasons.

3) I know I'm in minority, but I adore Kelsey. She's probably my second favorite member of the team, right behind Carter.

4) Titanium is shaping up to be one of my favorite sixths. He has a great story, and, with the exception of the cobra tattoo arc, he doesn't get a case of the goodie-goodies and drop in power level like most sixths. If anything, he just gets more OP.

5) If the season continues at this level of quality, I'm going to end up liking it far more than the almighty Time Force. Not that TF was a bad season (I enjoyed it quite a bit), but Lightspeed just feels much more balanced. The non-red/pink rangers feel like actual people instead of suit warmers, the mech battles don't dominate the show like they do in TF, and... I know I'm probably gonna get a lot of disagreement on this... frankly, Lightspeed does dark/high stakes better than TF.

So those are my thoughts. I'm officially on the "It's a highly underrated season" bandwagon. Thoughts/feedback?
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Default Re: So I decided to give Lightspeed a try...

When I first watched Lightspeed I hated it. But I grew to apreciate it better on the reruns. It just felt like a step down from the space seasons and I was still getting used to the cast changes every year. The promo that year had me thinking we'd get the space rangers back or LG team. So I was disapointed. Plus Lightspeed had a more episodic nature and didn't seem as exciting.

But now I can apreciate it. Trial By Fire is a great episode. The Titanium Arch was exceptional. All the twists and turns with the villains worked well too. The big problem is they seemed to run out of story in the second season. As we go an extended period of fillers and little advancing of the story. Ryan leaves and comes back when its convient to the plot. Overall the actors and characters were underrated. Lightspeed had a more military theme, which made it unique from other series at the time. LG touched on this a bit but the Rangers themselves were freelance. It was also the first team to be man made.
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