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Default Some Fanfic ideas

Hi there I noticed they aren't any fanfics on here but before I post one of my own I want to know what people think about them.

One loosely based on the video game that came out on the Genesis, and Game Gear where Grimlord sucked them into an arcade game and they had to fight all those old monsters.

Like maybe the arcade game could be one of Ziktor/Grimlord's creations like in the Genesis game or a regular one that skugs tamper with during a fight, and it sucks them in during or after the fight.

One based on a what if scenario where Grimlord captures Kaitlin, and Amy returns to replace her, and they rescue Kaitlin but Amy stays anyway and they just give her a duplicate virtualizer instead of the whole Kaitlin having a clone thing

One where Grimlord frees an ancient Japanese yokai to be the MOTD.

Having an explanation for the battle grid suits either as training suits or as prototypes of the regular suits.

Taking a page from Metalder and having Grimlord's army be split into Mutants, Robots, and humans who are either Evil VR Troopers or just have their own powersuits.

Making Oraclon an amalgam of various Demon Gods from the pre Metalder metal hero shows and have him occasionally summon/create Kaiju esque monsters that the troopers fight with the skybase, troopertron, and their own zord esque jet fighters.

Making Grimlord, Despera, Doom Master, and Knighttime all members of some what if race of creatures similar to humans that evolved from other animals that also found the secrets of VR.

Having Grimlord's minions appear in human form as Ziktor's employees I.E. Strickland being the human form of Col. Icebot.

Having the battle grid turn up more often but only in remakes of episodes where characters didn't appear in VR Trooper mode at all.

Having MOTDs turn up in the battle grid such as Cobrot using some gorgon power to turn Kaitlin into a statue and taking on her appearence as the Kaitlin being held hostage by Metalbot, and the Skugs in a remake of Kaitlin's Front Page.

I also recently thought of one where Grimlord causes the Troopers to relive the same day over, and over again.

I also just wanted to tell anyone viewing this thread that if they have any ideas for VR Troopers fanfics to feel free to post them here because I would like to see if anyone else has any ideas, and because that way maybe we can help each other out.
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