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Default Using ads to fund you're site

Paying for website can be expensive. Especially when its a hobby. Like most PR, VR, and KR sites would be made for. One way to try and subsidize this costs is through ads. Its not a quick fix. But if you do a good job and build a high traffic site, it can really help fund you're site.

Google Ads is a good place to start. They pay you for every month where you hit 100 dollars. If you fail to meet that goal you don't get paid but the money you earn stays. So when you do reach 100 you get paid the next month. There are other ad providers as well. Some that you can use with google.

Just be sure to read all the rules of you're ad provider and don't do anything to disqualify you. Also reference tax laws. Since you may have to pay taxed on the money you make. Learn how to decorate the ads to fit the color of you're site. Also try to place them in a way that will maximize you're worth. Never click on you're own ads. Most ad providers will kick you out for that. You have to let people click on them naturally. Just focus on making the best site possible and promoting it.
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