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Default Getting Started

Getting Started seems like the hardest part when making a new website. It can be very overwhelming. For one thing the show has like 17 seasons and an 18th on the way. So making a PR database can seem overwhelming. Also less experianced webmasters may not even know where to begin software and webspace wise. Some may not really be interested in paying for a website.

You need to decide just what site you wish to do. It doesn't need to be a pr database. It could be a fan fic archive, cast and crew page, pr news page, toys page, merchandise page ect.... Don't be afraid to par things down if you get overwhelmed. Pick something you are passionate about and have an interest in. You could even simply do a site for the 18th season or you're favorite one. If you did a site for every new season, you're site would grow quicker then you think.

Geocities isn't around anymore. But there are still free website building sites out there. If you are new and just starting out, it might be best to start with those. If you are really into things and want to grow then you can find a paying webhost. If you do enough looking you probably will be able to find a nice cheap one. You could utilize google ads or other ad providers to help pay the bills.

You have to find away to design you're site. Some free website providers have web builders of their own. But there are plenty of programs out there. Nvu is a very good program for newbie webmasters. If you have knowledge of microsoft word you should be able to learn Nvu. And a download of the program is freed. Nvu is the next generation of Netscape and Mozilla Composer. Which used to be build into their respective browsers. Dreamweaver and Flash are good web building programs for more advanced webmasters. But they cost money.

Most website providers free and paying have a file manager. But its best to find a good FTP client. Which will allow you to upload you're html files to webspace. There are even some free ones, like FTP Commander.

Knowledge of HTML and other aspects of webmastering are a plus. If you are interested, it would diffinitly help to study that type of stuff. You can put up a good site without knowledge of HTML. But it is a big help to know it.

Remember, Rome wasn't build in a day. Don't rush things. Its going to take time to build you're site and get its name out there. If you are patient and do things the right way, you're site will be built in no time.
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