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Default What kind of website should you make?

So you decided to make a website and are trying to decide just what to create? There are many asnwers to this question. Since it all depends on what you want to do versus what the fandom might need. You're main choices seems to be a database site ( think Power Rangers Central or Linearranger.com ), news site ( Funaroverse or Spandex Report type site), Fan Fic archive ( like fanfiction.net but a fan site), a Toy Site, or a Message Board. Of course you can also think outside of the box and think of you're own idea.

Doing a database sounds daunting. But you don't necessary have to cover all 17 seasons. You could even simply just cover the new season. Once you cover three or four seasons, you're site starts to become bigger. You could always backtrack after the fact. There are a few database sites already out there. But a brand new one would diffinitly be refreshing.

A news site is actually pretty valuable. Because it allows you to find all the news from accross the fandom and post it in one place ( citing sources of course). This could also be used as a web portal. Which acts as a site that points out verious happens in the fandom. Whether it be websites, fan fics, events, message board posts, ect.... Or you could simply just report on the PR news. Another option is to include editorials or essays.

Of the list I made, a Fan Fic website is probably something the fan fic really needs. This doesn't just have to be you're own fics. But a collection of fics submitted by writers accross the fandom. Fan Fics Archives were once the norm in this fandom. But they have died off to a very few. FanFiction.net and Message Boards basically are the main place for fics now. A fan made archive would be great though. Always make sure you have the permissionof the write to archive their work. And give them proper credit with the name they'd like to use. This can get daunting if you get countless submissions. But in the end it could be rewarding.

There aren't many toy sites around. So if you are into the toys or merchandise it would be a a good idea. If you want to cover every toy that was ever created, it could be daunting. But you don't neccessarly have to. Again over time you're site would grow in no time.

Message Boards are pretty oversaturated in this fandom. Free Boards are easy to get but hard to get populated. These days premium services like Vbulletin don't even guarentee an active board. Still if you are patient and really want one go for it. I can't say their is a pressing need for one though. Sometimes you might want to have a message board to go with you're regular website.

Of course you could always do a site that includes some of all of these website types. Which would be something of a super site. Some database sites are also news sites. Sometimes they can have fan fics. Any site can have a Message Board. Obviously the more workload you choose the harder it might get. But it can be doable. Again, you can think outside the box and do you're own thing.

Well there are some of the main types of site you could do. The important thing is that you choose something you think will be fun.
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