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Default who did better power rangers: Disney or Saban

There is no doubt that saban is the creator of power rangers. They are the one who visualized this show and proved that audience will like this show even if there are many super hero shows,movies to see. That's great,all credits to them. But there is a question that who gave us better power ranger seasons. Saban or disney. If we look back saban had the most successful season in pr history in mighty morphin power rangers. People still talk about that series. But according to me disney gave us best seasons compared to saban. Although i loved saban's time force i would still vote for disney for its creativeness. Actually saban were quite conservative in their power rangers barring power rangers in space where it did something out of box. Whereas disney were quite creative in their power rangers seasons. It started with a modest ninja storm, and made a dino thunder a big hit. You know back in my india, dino thunder is still the most loved season with spd following second. Although in my list i would like to have dino thunder as my 4th favourite.SPD is my most favourite season. Then disney gave us spd which was again a season with lot of creativeness. For the first time power rangers were in organizational structure with a hierarchy which was at that time very different from other seasons. Then came Mystic force which was again a unwandered territory for power rangers where magic was extensively used. Then operative overdrive, although it was a big failure but i would praise the makers to dare making such a season where the rangers had to find 12 crystals in 12 different countries to combine into corona aurora crown. It was different and out of box. Then we had jungle fury which was a decent season. Then came RPM the last season of disney. Actually disney were about to finish power rangers after jungle fury but proceeded to make yet another season. Oh what a season,although i would still hold spd as my favourite but rpm was vastly different and creative than other seasons. And it was quite a risky season where it could have gone terribly wrong. But no disney did a great job in action,cast,storyline. For these kind of seasons i would like to vote disney instead of saban. Whom do you think gave us the better power rangers Disney
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