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Default Casting Call Power Rangers RPM Venjix’s Empire

Power Rangers RPM Venjix’s Empire

A hundred years have passed since Venjix’s was defeated and grinder armies were destroyed. A hundred years that has allowed humanity to rebuild and strengthen itself. To begin terraforming and colonising the moon, sadly a horrible disaster has left the earth uninhabitable, and now the moon resides as Humanities home as we begin projects to Colonies Mars. Sadly Humanity was not ready for what came next. Out of nowhere a vast armada of ships that once belong to the Machine Empire but now belonged to a new Master Venjix. Venjix’s had escaped his prison of the black rangers Morpher and secretly used a series of satellites and long range messages to escape earth and find a place to found a new Empire. Eventually he came a across an old factory of the machine empires and reactivate it, eventually he re forged his armies now based on the machine empires and created new generals as well as hired a new one. His forces struck the moon unexpectedly and raided countless towns seizing many human as slaves for his new foundries. Thankfully a secret defence system that Doctor K built before her death activated driving off the enemy fleet temporary

Mankind is now desperate for a new generation of rangers to take a stand and save humanity from the new space based threat as well as rescue the humans captured by Venjix’s forces. Thankfully help has come from Doctor Zipera K granddaughter of the scientist Doctor K. She has upgraded the ranger technology and made it more space travel friendly as well as rebuilt a new stronger Megaship and Rpm Zords. So can Doctor K find a new group of rangers and save the world from Venjix?

Doctor Zipera K/ me

Commander Erik Bishop /me

Red RPM Ranger/James Stewart/ me
Yellow RPM Ranger/?/?
Blue RPM Ranger/?/?
Black RPM Ranger/?/?
Green RPM Ranger/?/?
Silver RPM Ranger/?/?
Gold RPM Ranger/?/?

Emperor Venjix me
General Wrecker me
General Vice me
Lord Khan me
A mysterious Superhuman who appeared out of no where and serves Venjixs with diligences.

Red Rpm Ranger
Gear Cell Shift Morpher (red, yellow and blue rangers)
Rev Morpher (Blue, and Black Ranger)
Sky Shift Morpher (Gold and Silver Rangers)

Nitro Blaster
Space-time Manipulation
Burst Attack: Ranger Red channels energy into his own body for three seconds. * Time Manipulation
Burst: Ranger Blue is able to freeze time for ten seconds.
Energy Blast: Ranger Yellow can fire large surges of energy.
Teleportation: Ranger Green cans teleport to various distances for a limited number of times.
Invincibility Shield: Ranger Black can produce a shield that makes him impervious to almost all attacks for five seconds.
Gold abnd Silver can make thier own
Road Blaster
Street Saber: Ranger Red's weapon.
Turbo Cannon: Ranger Blue's weapon.
Zip Charger: Ranger Yellow's weapon.
Turbo Plasma Launcher
Turbo Axe: Ranger Green's weapon.
Rocket Blaster: Ranger Black's weapon.
Cloud Hatchet: Silver and Gold Rangers weapon
Eagle Racer: Ranger Red's Zord
Lion Hauler: Ranger Blue's Zord
Bear Crawler: Ranger Yellow's Zord
Tail Spinner: Ranger Green's Zord
Wolf Cruiser: Ranger Black's Zord
Falcon Copter: Ranger Gold's
Tiger Jet: Ranger Silver's Zord

Galaxy Gliders everyone
Galaxy Bikes everyone

Casting Call

Age (18 to 25)
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