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Default "Beyond A Doubt" Discussion

This episode kind of reminded me of "Astronoma Thinks Twice" in a way. It is similar how the villianess decides to switch sides but makes it look like she is really bretraying her brother. It was pretty clever how Tenaya did all that with her hand. I love how Dillion came in for the last minute save. We got to see more of those chilling flashbacks from last episode. It made sense for Dillion to relive them again in Venjix's base.

I really liked the zord battle at the end. Probably my favorite all season. It was a cool momment when the Ultrazord was formed. Its interesting to see Shifter get the monster's key. Also I wonder what effect that gear will have on Scott ( the one that went into him when he was fighting Shifter).

It was funny seeing Ziggy talk up Tenaya as a babe, with Dillion pointing out that it was his sister. Watching Tenaya 7 get ripped away by Kilobyte was a good cliffhanger. You could really see the pain on Dillion's face. And now we are left wondering just what will happen to Tenaya 7.
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