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Default Power Rangers Dragon Force

Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 2011 Author Name: "Green Ranger" the Admin. All rights reserved.

This team is the Power Rangers Dragon Force and comprises of 5 Rangers:
Green with the Dragon Shield
Black with the Dragon shield
Red with the Dragon Shield
Blue with the Dragon Shield
Yellow with the Dragon Shield

Green Dragon Ranger
Red Dragon Ranger
Black Dragon Ranger
Blue Dragon Ranger
Yellow Dragon Ranger

(Yes, I drew these myself)

All uniforms look similar to the original Green Ranger outfit, and all Rangers can summon their Dragonzords with their own daggers!

They're not any ordinary team, the zords they call on? Look below...

Dragons from different incarnations of the Ranger teams. The team is led by the Green Dragon Ranger who summons... the original Dragonzord that has been modified (along with the others) to merge together to become the UltraDragonzord!

Just something off the top of my head from a few days ago, then I got the pictures and put them together to show the team I would want of the zords.

Power Rangers Dragon Force!

Just for fun, I made this little video to accompany the idea that I will hope to start writing soon!
Power Rangers Dragon Force!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3sB_3El8Ic&feature=plcp&context=C4e032ebV DvjVQa1PpcFPAUYw3m_BVHi3QdF6sare-25UEDwRY6zU%3D
Power Rangers Dragon Force - official bio information!

This is a team of veteran Rangers who have been summoned to fight the threat of a newly powered up Lord Zedd, returned to his evil state and Rita too as the Zordon wave apparently was only temporary for them. Their son Thrax was thrilled with this news, and together the three set about destroying all that was good in the universe! Zedd’s new powers seemed to be amplified by the Zordon wave effect when it reversed him to his evil state and so now he is the ultimate evil in the universe – more powerful than Ivan Ooze, more powerful than Dark Spectre.

To combat this threat, a veteran team of Rangers was recruited by the assumed to be destroyed Zordon. However, he survived and collected enough new power to take on a new humanoid form that would not age. Using his new power, Zordon recruited long-time veterans to fill this team, ones who proved to be the best over the years. He took Dragon zords from over the years and altered them to be more powerful and combine with the others into the UltraDragonzord.
The suits are all based on the original Green Ranger uniform and they all have a dagger-flute to summon their zords.

Meet the team:

The new leader: Dr. Tommy Oliver – Green Dragon Ranger, Zord: Green Dragonzord (original Dragonzord)
Zack Taylor – Black Dragon Ranger, Zord: Black Dragonzord (a smaller black Serpentera - Zordon managed to get the blueprints)
Jason Scott – Red Dragon Ranger, Zord: Red Dragonzord (Thunderzord Red Dragon)
Kira Ford – Yellow Dragon Ranger, Zord: Yellow Dragonzord (Yellow Mystic Force Dragon zord)
Kimberly Hart – Blue Dragon Ranger, Zord: Blue Dragonzord (The upcoming Pirates dragon)

The inspiration of the original Dragon based ranger gave Zordon the idea to form the Dragon Rangers for their ferocity and raw power.


Lord Zedd – restored to evil, powered up to maximum levels
Rita Repulsa – also restored to evil and powered up to maximum levels
Thrax – son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa
Various new monsters they create to fight the Dragon Rangers
NEW Dark Rangers with their own zords, their identities remain a secret to everyone else, but Lord Zedd has recruited some former Rangers as well to be the Dark Rangers:

Eric Meyers – Dark Black Ranger, Zord – Black Scorpionzord
Andros – Dark Red Ranger, Zord – Red Scorpionzord
Cole Evans – Dark Green Ranger – Green Scorpionzord
Lily Chilman – Dark Blue Ranger – Blue Scorpionzord
Maya – Dark Yellow Ranger – Yellow Scorpionzord

So the point is these are seasoned veterans summoned to fight the new evil Lord Zedd. Now we get to see what adult veteran Power Rangers can do all bulked up and ready for the challenge! They can bring their life experiences into the fight, maybe even show the rookie Samurai Rangers how to get things done! The veteran Rangers being used by Lord Zedd should make things interesting too!

Power Rangers Dragon Force #1, Prologue and Chapter 1
Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended.
This story is copyright (c) 2011 Author Name: "Green Ranger" the Admin. All rights reserved.

Years have passed since the Zordon wave changed things. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa had been changed to their human forms during that wave, and their son Thrax had carried on trying to beat the Power Rangers of the time. He had failed. Now years later, it appears for both Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa that the effects of the wave were only temporary at making them good. Now the effects have changed in that they are no longer good, they have reverted back to their evil forms and their power levels are more than double than what they had been before! They find their son Thrax and together this new team of evil seek revenge on the Earth and with the new power levels they quickly defeat the current Samurai Rangers and destroy all their zords in one quick battle using corrupted veteran Rangers Eric Meyers – the Dark Black Ranger with his Black Scorpionzord, Andros – the Dark Red Ranger with his Red Scorpionzord, Cole Evans – the Dark Green Ranger with his Green Scorpionzord, Lily Chilman – the Dark Blue Ranger with her Blue Scorpionzord, Maya – the Dark Yellow Ranger with her Yellow Scorpionzord that formed the evil Scorpion Megazord! It defeated the Samurai Rangers easily! Their powers are gone! Lord Zedd, Rita, and Thrax are delighted that the Power Rangers are no more!

In Angel Grove, deep underground, Zordon – who had been assumed to be dead but survived however and collected enough new power to take on a new humanoid form that would not age – recruited long-time veterans to fill a veteran team of his own to combat the threat of Lord Zedd, Rita, and Thrax and their evil Dark Rangers – ones who proved to be the best over the years. He took Dragon zords from over the years and altered them to be more powerful and combine with the others into the Mega Dargonzord, later the UltraDragonzord would be utilized – but that’s another story. The suits are all based on the original Green Ranger uniform and they all have a dagger-flute to summon their zords. All Dragonzords are more powerful than before and all have the ability to change into a warrior mode now too. So who is the new team? The new leader is none other than Dr. Tommy Oliver (the original Green Ranger) – he is the Green Dragon Ranger who controls the Green Dragonzord (the original Dragonzord now with warrior mode and combines with the other Dragonzords), Zack Taylor (the original Black Ranger) – he is the Black Dragon Ranger operating the Black Dragonzord (a smaller black Serpentera, Zordon got the blueprints), Jason Scott (the original red Ranger) – he is the Red Dragon Ranger piloting the Red Dragonzord (a more powerful version of the Red Dragon Thunderzord), Kira Ford (the yellow Dino Thunder Ranger) – she is the Yellow Dragon Ranger piloting the Yellow Dragonzord (the more powerful Yellow Dragon Zord from Mystic Force), and Kimberly Hart (the original Pink Ranger) – she is the Blue Dragon Ranger piloting the Blue Dragonzord (from Power Rangers Pirates the Pirate Rex). Together these Dragonzords form the powerful Dragon Megazord, as mentioned before, they later would fins and use the UltraDragonzord – but that’s another story. These are the Dragon Force Rangers! The inspiration of the original Dragon based ranger gave Zordon the idea to form the Dragon Force Rangers for their ferocity and raw power. This is their story…
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Default Re: Power Rangers Dragon Force

Chapter 1: A new era…

Angel Grove, one of many cities under attack from the newly empowered Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and Thrax and their armies of Ultra Putties and the new Dark Rangers with their Scorpionzords. The identity of the Dark Rangers in unknown. All that is known is that they fight like no other Rangers. The Samurai Rangers have fallen, and the earth is in chaos. The attacks continue under Lord Zedd’s leadership, “There is NO ONE to stop us now!” He shouts out from his new moon base. Major cities all over the world are under attack and it looks as though Earth will fall. But deep underground of Ange Grove itself, under the waters lies a new secret base. Inside, Zordon is alive and well! He is in a new humanoid form that does not age. He is powered up and has used his new power to create this base. Inside is the new Alpha robot assisting him in this new endeavour. Gone is the “Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi” from his vocabulary. This robot is all business, and so is Zordon. “Alpha, Lord Zedd has been restored and has been empowered even more than before. His new evil Dark Rangers are destroying the Earth. Even with my new powers, their identity remains a secret from me. Yet their fighting styles are familiar…” “Yes, Zordon. It will take some time to discover who they are.” Zordon is quiet for a few moments, then says, “We need to recruit a team of veteran Rangers to fight this new evil. Only a team of veteran Rangers with new powers from new power coins will be able to stop this threat.” Alpha listened, then said, “Veteran Rangers Zordon? What happened to getting teenagers with attitude?” “It’s time to get really serious, Alpha. This new threat is bigger than anything than any team has faced in the past. It’s time to call some old friends that we can trust to get the job done. Contact them now…” “As you wish, Zordon.”

Reefside, a city not affected as of yet by the attacks by Lord Zedd. Life tries to continue normally despite the attacks around the world. In Reefside High School, Dr. Tommy Oliver is in his office on a break from teaching when he hears a familiar sound… “Beep…beep…bee-beep…beep…beep!” Startled, he reaches into his briefcase to where he had kept his old wrist-link from his days as a Power Ranger under Zordon. It plays its’ familiar chime again… “Beep…beep…bee-beep…beep…beep!” Tommy stares at it for a second. [I thought Zordon was dead and Alpha destroyed…] he thought to himself, […so who is this?! One way to find out…] He presses the button, “Hello?” “Greetings Tommy, this is Zordon!” Tommy is stunned to hear the voice, “Zordon?! I thought you were dead!” “Reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated, but they worked for my purposes. I need your help, Tommy.” “What do you need me for?” “I am recruiting a team of veteran Rangers to stop this new threat, and I want you to be the leader of this team.” Tommy sat there for a moment. [Veteran Rangers?] he thought, [Zordon’s not fooling around is he?] “Very well. What can I do Zordon?” A beam of green energy teleports him out of his office.

In Angel Grove, a highly successful dojo has both Jason Scott and Zack Taylor operating it. Together they have encouraged young students to be all that they can be over the years. With the city under attack, the latest class is unattended by all except the instructors. “Jason,” says Zack, “what’ll we do? I sure wish we were able to stop this new threat. I wish we had our powers…” Jason smiles and says, “We still have the coins and morphers, but I’m not sure they’r enough to beat this new threat. They beat that new Samurai team. I wish that…” “Beep…beep…bee-beep…beep…beep!” The sound interrupts his speech. Both Jason and Zack freeze. “Did you hear…?” says Zack. “Beep…beep…bee-beep…beep…beep!” “Our old wrist-links?!” exclaims Jason. They reach into their workout bags and as they pull out the old devices… “Beep…beep…bee-beep…beep…beep!” Stunned, they strap them on and Jason presses the button, “Hello?” “Jason and Zack, it is good to speak to you again!” The two former Rangers’ mouths drop wide open when they hear the familiar voice. Jason and Zack both yell out, “ZORDON?!” “Yes, it is I. And I need your help as veteran Rangers…” Jason is encompassed by red energy and Zack by black and the two are teleported away from their dojo.

Reefside again, Kira Ford has already become a successful singer and has had many hits. She’s at her private condo and has just finished showering and getting dressed. It’s a girly outfit – one she wouldn’t have found herself dead in during high school, but things change. As she’s getting ready, a wrist-link materializes on her bed and chimes out… “Beep…beep…bee-beep…beep…beep!” She stops what she’s doing and sees the new wrist-link on her bed. She knows that sound from the history files of Dr. O’s video logs of him being a Power Ranger. She cautiously walks over and picks it up and presses the button, “Hello?” “Greeting Kira Ford. This is Zordon.” She stares at the device. [Zordon? Wasn’t that was Dr. O’s Power Rangers head guy?] “Hello… Zordon. I had hear you had died?” “A huge mistake made by everyone to believe that. I have simply become better. Kira, I need your help. I am recruiting a team of veteran Rangers to fight this new threat from Lord Zedd, Rita, and Thrax. Will you help me?” Kira stared at the device. [Become a Power Ranger again? A team of veteran Rangers?] “Well, who else is helping?” “Your leader would be your old mentor and team mate – Dr. O as you use to call him…” Excited, she said, “Count me in!” She is enveloped by a yellow energy field and disappears.

Reefside’s west end. It has been a couple of years since they were married, but Kimberly Oliver (formerly Hart) is enjoying married life. It had been a a number of years since she had hear from Tommy when he suddenly called up out of the blue to talk one day. He talked to her about his experiences as a Power Ranger again after the world was saved from the Mesomonster. He had decided that he needed someone he could talk to that would understand and so he had contacted her. They reconnected and the rest is history. Kimberly was getting ready for her dance class that she instructed at Reefside’s professional gymnastics club. As she was about to leave, she hears an old familiar sound… “Beep…beep…bee-beep…beep…beep!” She freezes in her tracks when she hears it as she had not hear that sound in a LONG time. She hears it again… “Beep…beep…bee-beep…beep…beep!” She rushes to her jewellery drawer and pulls out her old wrist-link. As she stares at it, it sounds again… “Beep…beep…bee-beep…beep…beep!” She puts it on, presses the button and says, “Hello?” “Kimberly. It is Zordon. I need your help as a veteran Ranger…” Kim was stunned to hear the voice. “Zordon? I thought you were dead! Tommy told me you were…” “He was mistaken as many were Kimberly. I need your help. Your husband has already agreed to lead this veteran team, he wanted you to make your own decision on this.” Surprised that Tommy would make this decision to lead the team without talking to her, Kimberly said, “Um, okay. Tell Tommy I want to talk to him?” “I will…” She is enveloped by a blue energy field and disappears.

At the command centre, Kim arrives and sees Tommy, Jason, Zack, and Kira standing there. She also sees the new Alpha and sees the now humanoid Zordon. “Welcome Kimberly,” says Zordon. “Zordon! Jason! Zack! And you must be…” “Kira. Dr. O told me about you. I was pumped when I heard you two got married!” “Hi babe,” says Tommy. “So you were gonna save the world without me, hon?” asked Kimberly with a look of disapproval. “No! It’s not that. I wanted you to make up your own mind.” “Next time – can we talk about it first as a couple?” Sheepishly, Tommy nodded his head yes. Alpha says, “Welcome everyone. Your wrist-links are all up to date as they were modified during teleportation. Look at them.” They all look down to see sparkling new wrist-links on them. “Open your hands, Rangers…” says Zordon. They open a hand and each one has a new power coin appear in their hands! “Tommy, you will lead this veteran team against Lord Zedd’s new armies and his Dark Rangers – you are the Black Dragon Ranger, and you will have the power of an old friend with you now called the Black Dragonzord!” A huge computer screen shows the Dragonzord – now called the Green Dragonzord – still residing in Angel Grove Harbour. “And you will still summon him using the new Green Dragon Dagger,” says Zordon. Tommy smiles at the thought of working with his first zord again. “The Dragonzord! Alright!” “He has been modified to connect with the other Dragonzords that the rest of the team has,” says Zordon. “The OTHER Dragonzords?” asks Jason. “Yes, Jason. You are now the Red Dragon Ranger. Behold, your old Red Dragon Thunderzord is now the Red Dragonzord, and can merge with the other Dragonzords.” It appears on another monitor. “Zack, you are the Black Dragon Ranger and you will have a smaller designed black Serpetnera (as I have the blueprints now) as yours to command and merge with the others.” It appears on another screen. “Back in Black!” says Zack with a smile. “Kira, you are the Yellow Dragon Ranger and will have the Yellow Mystic Force Dragon to command and merge with the others.” She smiles, “Awesome,” as it appears on another monitor. “And lastly, Kimberly, you are the Blue Dragon Ranger, and you will have the former Pirate Rex to command and merge with the others.” It appears on the last monitor. She is impressed with the zord – it looks a lot like Tommy’s Dragonzord, “Wow! No pink this time?” Zordon smiles and says, “No. I thought we might get a little more serious. Together these five Dragonzords will combine into the Dragon Megazord, and you are the new Power Rangers Dragon Force!”

A warning light goes off on the wall. “Zordon, new attack by the Dark Rangers in downtown Angel Grove. They are attacking city hall,” says Alpha...
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Default Re: Power Rangers Dragon Force

Last time...

A warning light goes off on the wall. “Zordon, new attack by the Dark Rangers in downtown Angel Grove. They are attacking city hall,” says Alpha...

__________________________________________________ ________________________

A New Era continued...

“Wow,” says Kim, “No panic-stricken Alpha anymore huh Zordon?” He smiles, “The old Alpha was a good companion, he will be missed. His successor is very serious. Rangers? Are you ready to save the Earth?” They look at each other and smile and Tommy says, “It’s morphin time! Black Dragon!” “Green Dragon!” “Red Dragon!” “Yellow Dragon!” “Blue Dragon!” they are encompassed by the new energy and can feel it filling them with new power – unlike anything they have felt before! The energy stops nd they stand there in their new outfits. All dragon uniforms – similar to the old Green Ranger outfit, but updated, and all with Dragon Shields on them. They all have their own Dragon Daggers too. “Wow!” says Kim, “this new power level is intense!” “Tell me about it!” says Zack. “Ready guys?” asks Tommy. They teleport out of the command centre and head for Angel Grove’s downtown.

In the city, the Dark Rangers are attacking the overpowered police and military. They keep fighting knowing they don’t have a chance. The core is rocked with explosions from the battle. “Fools!” yells out the Black Dark Ranger, “you can’t beat us! Give up!” A voice from behind them says, “It think it’s YOU who should give up!” “Who dares?!” asks the Black Dark Ranger and he turns to see the Dragon Force Rangers! “Power Rangers? But you don’t look like kids!” “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size!” says Tommy. They all rush towards each other ready to fight!

On the moon Lord Zedd discovers the new team, “WHAT?! How can this be?!” “Look at the design!” says Rita, “that’s Zordon’s handiwork! Recognize the outfits?” Lord Zedd slams his fist down on the ledge! WHAM! “How can this be?! Zordon died trying to make us good!” Thrax says, “Father, how will our Dark Rangers do against this team? They look to be veterans – not kids!” Lord Zedd watches the fight, and he recognizes the majority of the team’s fighting styles. “Well, if it isn’t our old friends Tommy, Jason, Zack and Kimberly! I don’t know the other female, but she’s just as feisty as the others. So Zordon has finally stopped using kids!” “What zords do you think they have?” asks a pondering Rita. “We’ll have to wait and see,” says Zedd.

The Dark Rangers attack the Power Rangers Dragon Force and it is a fierce battle! Two teams of all veteran rangers – yet each team doesn’t know who it is they are really facing. Tommy faces off against Eric and the two are in a down and out drag ‘em out brawl! It is a fierce fight with their weapons flying in the air and sparks flying as they hit each other’s outfits. The other Power and Dark Rangers are fighting hard and it is an even match.

On the moon, Lord Zedd says, “It’s time this veteran team of Zordon’s faced a real challenge! Dark Rangers! Summon your Scorpionzords!”

In the battle, Eric and the others suddenly back away and call out together, “Scorpionzord power!” The earth shakes and cracks open and out of it crawl the 5 huge Scorpionzords! Eric/Dark Black Ranger teleports into his Black Scorpionzord,
Andros/Dark Red Ranger gets into his Red Scorpionzord, Cole /Dark Green Ranger gets into his Green Scorpionzord, Lily/Dark Blue Ranger gets into her Blue Scorpionzord, and Maya/Dark Yellow Ranger gets into her Yellow Scorpionzord. The ground shakes as these huge mechas move to attack position. Eric yells out, “Dark Rangers attack!” And the Scorpionzords launch a barrage of laser fire and missiles at the Power Rangers! They leap and dodge, but soon realize this will get them killed if they don’t summon their Dragonzords! Tommy says, “Dragon Force! Summon the Dragonzords!” “Right!” they respond. All 5 bring their Dragon Daggers to their helmets and play in unison the Dragon Summoning tune… “BAY! DA! BAN! BA DI BAY! BAY! DA! BAN! BA DI BAY BAN! BAY! DA! BAN! BA DI BAY!” The waters of Angel Grove shift and bubble and then the familiar head of the original Dragonzord now called the Green Dragonzord emerges from the sea! “GRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” The mist of the sea flies as the Green Dragonzord rises once again. The Red Dragonzord flies through the air with ease. It roars as it makes its’ way to where they are, “GRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!” The Black Dragonzord soars in next and lands with a thud. The Yellow Dragonzord flies in with a high screech, and lastly the Blue Dragonzord appears out of an energy burst and lands roaring as it walks into the fray. Soon the Scorpionzords and the Dragonzords battle it out. Tails fly and the signature missiles launch from the Black Dragonzord toward the Black Scorpionzord.

The battle heads toward the outer limits. The ground shakes violently under the strain of battle. The Green Dragonzord and Green scorpionzord storm towards each other, while the Black Dragonzord charges at the Black Scorpionzord and lock in fierce battle! The Yellow Dragonzord engages the Yellow Scorpionzord and claws fly. The Red Dragonzord flies downward and tackles the Red Scorpionzord and they tumble together in battle. The Blue Dragonzord runs and swings its’ tail hitting the Blue Scorpionzord and sparks fly! The battle is intense and Eric yells out, “Enough! Time to show these fools who’s boss! MegaScorpionzord!” The Scorpionzords crawl to each other and start the formation of the evil Mega Scopionzord! Tommy yells out, “Oh no you don’t! Mega Dragonzord now!” It’s a race to see who forms their mega-mecha first. The Green Dragonzord is the middle, the Red is the right arm, the Black the left arm, the Yellow the right leg, the Blue the left leg. For the Mega Scoprionzord, the colours form up in the same way. Once complete, the two Megazords face each other.

“So!” says Lord Zedd, “a dragon force – including the original Dragonzord!” “Looks like they’ve been upgraded,” says Rita. “No matter mother! Our scorpion force will crush them!” “Yes! They will!” says Zedd with a calm assurance.

The two Megazords fight hard throwing punches and kicks, laser and missile blasts. The two teams of veteran Rangers control their massive robots with precision and well executed maneuvers. Tommy says to the Mega Dragonzord, “Follow my every move!” He heads down to the sensory area and starts executing his master Mixed Martial Arts moves – “Hiya! Si! Kiya!” The Mega Dragonzord lands a huge kick upside the head of the Mega Scorpionzord knocking it down! THOOM! It sends debris everywhere as it lands. The team inside are shook up from the sudden quick move. “AAAHHH!!!”

From inside the Mega Dragonzord, the Dragon Force Rangers say, “Mega Dragonsword Drill!” The huge sword and drill combo weapon appears and the Mega Dragonzord grabs it. “Prepare to be destroyed!” yells out Tommy. The Mega Scopionzord gets to its’ feet and seeing the finishing move about to happen, it disassembles and the five Scorpionzords scatter! “This is NOT over Dragon Force!” yells Eric as he and the team disappear. The Mega Dragonzord stands triumphant and the team yells out, “YEAH!!!” Back at the headquarters, Zordon and Alpha are pleased. “Well done Dragon Force Rangers!” says Zordon, we have taken some sample readings from the energy the Dark Rangers emitted, we hope to be able to decipher who this team is for you.” “Good,” says Jason, “’Cause they could fight.”

Once they have sent their Dragonzords back to their hiding spots, the Dragon Force Rangers arrive back at headquarters and are greeted by Zordon, “It is so good to have you all back as Power Rangers. I could not have asked for a better team than you.” “We missed you Zordon,” says Kimberly. “Yeah man,” says Zack, “it’s so great to see you again – but now in a humanoid form!” Kira stands silent and Tommy says, “Kira? What’s wrong?” “Nothing,” she says, “it is just so amazing to meet the one who first started the Power Rangers – Dr. O. told me about you. It’s really an honour, sir.” Zordon smiles and says, “Kira, it is a pleasure to have you on board. Tommy could not have chosen a better Ranger than you when he did the Dino Thunder team. Now years later, it is good to have you with us.” Alpha walks up and says, “The data we collected from your battle with the Dark Rangers will take a while to scan and see if we can determine who they might be.” “Those guys were tough. We need to be ready for their next attack. Lord Zedd, Rita, and their son Thrax and those Dark Rangers are going to be tough to beat.” Kimberly places a hand on her husband’s shoulder, “Seems like old times doesn’t it?” Tommy smiles. “It felt great to be with the original Dragonzord again. The other Dragonzords are incredible. Your new Blue Dragonzord is great Kim. How does it feel to be with the Red Dragonzord again Jason?” Jason smiles and says, “It’s great! How about those other Dragonzords huh?” Zack smiles and says, “I have to admit the Black Dragonzord is great.” Kira smiles, “The Yellow Dragonzord is really cool!” Kim and Kira look at each other with a smile – the stereo is killer!” they both say. Thus begins the legend of the Power Rangers Dragon Force!

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Default Re: Power Rangers Dragon Force

Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 2012 Author Name: "Green Ranger."

#2 – Spreading the Darkness

Attacks from Lord Zedd, Rita Ripulsa and Thrax have been stepped up across the globe now with the emergence of the Dragon Force Rangers. The Dark Rangers have been busy too with their attacks and battles with the Dragon Force. The looming question is – who are the Dark Rangers? At the Command Centre, Zordon discusses the situation with the team, “It seems Rangers, that from your different battles with the Dark Rangers that we have a new way of detecting who they are. We have taken voice recordings from battles, energy residue samples from your fights with them, and have been able to get DNA from it to help match who they are… this will take time for the system to figure it all out. In the meantime, new Dragon armour has been formed to help protect you from their attacks. It will look similar to what you have, but the new layer will have built in shielding. We just installed it into the system to be able to be accessed by you just by calling out ‘Dragon Armour’ while in battle.” The group looks at each other and Jason says, “That’s great Zordon, but how are we going to be able to stop all these attacks happening around the globe?” Zordon looks at them and says, “You will need to split up and tackle different attack sites as they happen.” Kira says, “Split up?! But that leaves us vulnerable!” “That is why you have the new Dragon Armour – to aid in stopping these attacks. Should the Dark Rangers attack you will be summoned from where you are and brought together.” Dr. O/Tommy shakes his head, “I still don’t like splitting us up like this, Zordon.” Zack says, “Yeah, what happens if we can’t get back in time during an ambush on one Ranger?” “You must trust me Rangers. You all have in the past – except you Kira, but you trusted your mentor’s decisions right?” “Yes,” she says as she looks at Tommy. “Now you must trust me,” says Zordon.

__________________________________________________ ___________

Across the globe the attacks get worse. New York – Ultra-putties cause mass damage as they go through the downtown core with people fleeing in terror. Tommy teleports in, “Come on Ultra-putties! Take ME on! Dragon Armour!” His Green Ranger outfit shimmers with the new Dragon layer on top of his regular suit and Dragon shield. They turn and attack and he responds in kind, “HIIIIIIIIIII-YA! SI! KI-YA!!!!!!” he unleashes a series of kicks, punches, uses his Dragon Dagger and unleashes green energy hurtling toward the crowds of Ultra-Putties. They hit him but the blows glance off the new layer and Tommy smiles under his helmet, “Alright! The new armour is awesome! Hi-ya!” Not content to sit back and let the Rangers win, Lord Zedd himself appears and faces Tommy, “So! You’re back Green Ranger! It’s been a long time since we fought!” “Zedd!” says Tommy, “You won’t win Zedd! And you’re going to release those Rangers from your spell!” “Not a chance!” the two exchange blows and Tommy can feel Zedd’s power even through the new armour – this will not be an easy battle…
__________________________________________________ _____________
In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Kimberly arrives to see Rita leading an assault on the Lakeshore and she has unleashed a monster, the Demon Knight! It is already in huge monster form and Kim says, “No way!” she pulls out her Dragon Dagger and summons her Blue Dragonzord – BAN-BA-BAN-BA-DA-BAN! A portal opens and out comes the Blue Dragonzord and it lands beside the waterfront, “RRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR! ” The Demon Knight sees it and attacks as Kim climbs it to man it. “No dragon is a match for the Demon Knight!” THWAM! It hits with a right fist and send the Blue Dragonzord back a little. “You don’t know who you’re messing with!” yells Kim, “Blue Dragon breath!” it fires a blast of energy from its mouth and hits the monster. ZZZZZZZZZZZSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAA! KAAAA-THOOOOM! And the Demon Knight drops to a knee…

__________________________________________________ ______________

Sydney, Australia. The Black Dark Ranger has brought his Scorpionzord on land and is tearing up the city! Above a black shape flies by. “What is that?” yells out the Dark Black Ranger. The Black Dragonzord lands and stands up ready for battle! “Black Dragon Ranger! Ready to rumble with you Dark Black Ranger!” The two zords clash in the city! Black Dragonzord fires an intense ray of energy from its mouth and strikes the Black Scorpionzord! THOOM! “Unh!” exclaims Dark Black Ranger/Eric from inside, “not bad. Try this!” His Scopionzord fires a burst of acid from its tail and it hits a nearby building melting it in seconds! “Whoa!” yells Zack, “THAT was TOO CLOSE! You’re going down man!” The Black Dragonzord charges and grabs the Black Scorpionzord and lifts it up into the air spinning it around while avoiding flailing claws and the tail. He throws it towards the desert area and charges after him…

__________________________________________________ _______________

Japan. Thrax has attacked and has brought with him a small army of Ultra-Putties! His own monster, the TerrorDactyl has landed and is using its wings to cause mass wind damage throughout the city – hurricane-like winds that topple buildings! Jason arrives in his Red Dragonzord and flies in knocking the beast over! THOOM! “Not today creep!” The creature staggers up and Thrax yells out, “You’ll have to do better than THAT Red Ranger!” “Oh I will!” says Jason as the Red Dragonzord lands and stands up for battle! “Bring it on!” The creature and the Red Dragonzord collide and the impact is felt everywhere! “Man! This thing is tough!” Jason grabs the creature and kicks it out towards to seas! THUNK!

__________________________________________________ ________________

Kira arrives and sees the Ultra-Putties attacking in L.A. They are headed toward Hollywood, “No!” she yells out, “leave those people alone! Dragon Armour!” She is coated with the new layer of Dragon Armour and plunges into the middle of the group going toe-to-toe with them using her own daggers and unleashing energy blasts from her blaster. “You guys make me SICK! Hi-ya!” She is surrounded by so many but she keeps fighting even as they seem to keep coming…

__________________________________________________ ________________

The rest of the Dark Rangers have been sneaking around trying to find the base of the Rangers and have come up empty so far. But they are not giving up. They use their own tracking devices and are on the hunt. In the Command Centre, Zordon and Alpha 8 are working feverishly at the information they have about the Dark Rangers, and finally some comes from the system. “Zordon,” says Alpha 8, “the computer has configure all the data and is starting to release the information about the Dark Rangers.” “Good Alpha,” says Zordon, “let’s see who they are…” The information is brought up on the screen and one by one the names and images are seen as to who they are. The computer says, “Dark Black Ranger – Eric Meyers, former Time Force Quantum Ranger. Dark Red Ranger – Andros, former Red Space Ranger. Dark Green Ranger – Cole Evans, former Red Wild Force Ranger. Dark Blue Ranger – Lily Chilman, former Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger. Dark Yellow Ranger – Maya, former Yellow Galaxy Ranger.” Zordon is stunned to see who the Rangers are facing as their enemies – former great Power Rangers! “Alpha, send this information to the Power Rangers!” “Yes Zordon.” Zordon looks at the screen with all the faces and cries…
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