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Edmond Dantes
Shadow Ranger
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Default Just a thought I had while watching Go-Busters...

think I know why this one didn't catch on.

For some reason, Japan had an attack of bad taste and stopped liking the Metal Heroes franchise (or perhaps it was because Metal Heroes veered sharply into preschool territory and alienated all its fans, but the failure of the Gavan movie makes me think they just hate Metal Heroes).

... and it occured to me that Go-Busters makes me feel like I'm watching a Metal Heroes show, despite being Super Sentai. In particular the theme, outfits and overall feel remind me of Blue SWAT (a show that desperately needs a fansub), which of course wasn't that popular in its day.

So yeah. Go-Busters = Blue SWAT 2: This Time It's Personal.
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