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Old 02/23/09, 08:46 AM   #1
masked rider fearon
Power Ranger
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Default save this Board!!!

please people save this board from closing down
I don't want this website to close down like lod_squared.net
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Old 03/01/09, 12:31 PM   #2
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I really want to start fresh on Kamen Rider Central. I think we have a much better chance of accomplishing our goals. And possibly even have a presence from Cast and Crew.

One of the major issues here is the spam accounts. And unless I have away to stop them from registering, its going to be next to impossible to get new members. I made a huge mistake by importing the databse from talkrider. Since thats where the spam accounts were coming from. I do have back ups of the PRO Vbulletin somewhere on my cpu. But KRC will be a Kamen Rider forum.

I never really was happy with merging PRO with Talkrider. I don't know, the fact that we were trying to create the RB of DRagon Knight and a PR board just bugged me. And I never really though Rider Power was a good name. It sounded too much like a Kamen Rider Board for a forum that was supposed to have PR discussion too. Plus I feel I should never have abandoned the PRO Ezboard ( which is now a Yoku). Since that was the whole reason I made my version of Power Ranegers Online in the first place.

I'll tell you what. Whenever I finally do make the change I will keep this board open as an archive. I'll even link back to it on KRC. I just will close it to posting and registrations. That way people can look back to the old posts they want to find. I don't think Vbuletin will mind, since the board will be closed. And they allow for people to have a test forum. I was planning on saving the database here anyway. Just in case I did find away to intergrate it into the new board or wanted to restart PRO Vbulletin someday.

KRC will not be incredibly different from this board anyway. It will just be a fresh start and hopefully with better results. You can visit my PR Forum here, http://www.pro-board.org. I'll post when Kamen Rider Central is ready. Right now its a social network. Its unclear whether we are just going to delete the social network or keep it with the forum.
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