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Default Power Rangers Online Hall of Fame

I am going to start the Power Rangers Online Hall of Fame. The first hall of fame class will include three spots for Rangers, three for crew, three for cast, and six for Fandom Contributers.

I would like to know who you guys think should get in. A lot of people will be snubbed. But there will be a new hall of fame class every year. So the people deserving should get in. Also give me ideas for new catagories if you think I am missing anyone.
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What about these classes?
Sixth & Beyond Rangers (which would include any after sixth if there are more than six)
Allies (i.e. Blue Senturian(sp?), Alpha)
Evil Rangers (if they don't count under Rangers, which I don't think they should)

I would also suggest if you are included in one category you can't be included in another. I.E. if Tommy is included for his role as a Sixth Ranger he can't be included for his role as a Regular Power Ranger, same goes for Evil Ranger. Or any variation of that.

As for cast, crew, "fandom contributors" I don't care about those categories.


Sixth & Beyond Rangers:
Phantom Ranger

Magna Defender
Blue Senturian
Alpha 5, 6, & 7

Evil Rangers:
Tommy Oliver
Charlie (A Squad Red)
Psycho Pink (she [it?] is the only one to successfully kill a Power Ranger)

Captain Mitchell

As for real world people, you should consider factors such as massive stupidity. I.e. not wearing a seat belt and dying as a direct result of that stupidity. Also being a criminal, I heard a while back some dude from MMPR was arrested, it was hyped as an actual Power Ranger which he wasn't.

Kimberly shouldn't be included because of her massive insensitivity to Tommy with that Dear John letter.

Do the Robot Rangers from Turbo count as Regular Rangers, Sixth and Beyond (technically they were the seventh through eleventh Rangers from Turbo), or Allies (I would not include them as allies since technically they could morph into Power Rangers)

The Alien Rangers I wouldn't count as Sixth & Beyond Rangers since they got their own opening and they were acting as the one and only team of Power Rangers at the time.
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Well this is a post from earlier in the year that I just posted here for archival purproses. I changed my mind and was just going to have it be for fandom contributers. But I suppose I could revisit whether I should include Rangers.

I wouldn't just put Rangers/Allies/Mentors in for the heck of it. They'd have to be special contributors. I'd probably just have one catagory each for characters, actors, crewmembers, and fandom contributers.

I don't see the Robot Rangers making the hall. They weren't a big enough part of the show.

I'd consider the Alien Rangers as allies. But once again they don't seem Hall Worthy.

Kimberly is a possible Hall canidate. Due to her big involvement in the early days of the show. And the fact that she is probably the most reconizeable female. I wouldn't hold a plot point like a Dear John letter against her.

I don't consider Thuy Trang or Trini Hall of Fame worthy. Thats not a knock against the character or the actor. I just don't see either in a PR Hall of Fame. Its got nothing to do with Thuy's death. You certainly don't put someone in a Hall of Fame just because they passed away.

I wouldn't call Trang stupid. She just should have put her seatbelt on. But plenty of people make that mistake everyday. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Skylar Deloen is diffinitly not Hall of Fame worthy. The media way overblew his involvement with PR. He was just a one off guest star as a kid. Hardly Hall of Fame worthy, whether he is a criminal or not. Deloen played Roger in an MMPR season 1 episode. He was the kid that didn't make Ernie's team the first time and got instruction from some of the guys ( Jason and Zack I think). He then made the team a second time. That hardly makes him a former star of the show. The way they put it, you;d think Deloen was one of the original Rangers. Which is laughable.
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