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Default Hall of Fame Inductee Number 6: Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank is our sixth Inductee. He is going into the Cast Wing of the Hall of Fame. JDF is the most well known cast member in the shows history and the most important.

Jason David Frank studied Martial Arts for most of his youth and was already an accomplished martial artist when he auditioned for the show. But as an actor he was more of a novice at this point. But he had the look and the style that the producers we're looking for, so he joined the show.

Jason David Frank joined the show as do-gooder turned evil Green Ranger , Tommy Oliver. Tommy quickly became an ally to the Rangers and often saved the day. Frank's character quickly became the most popular character on the show. While he wasn't the best actor in the world to start. He had a sort of star making charisma. He had a connection with Power Rangers fans.

Originally, Jason David Frank was supposed to leave to show to play a new character in a show called Cybertron ( which became VR Troopers). But fan demends forced producers to bring Tommy back to Power Rangers. Frank's character continued as a fan favorite. Eventually becoming the White Ranger and leader of the team. Tommy was clearly the Hulk Hogan of Power Rangers at this point. Later Tommy became the Red Ranger in Zeo and Turbo.

Frank's acting ability got better as time went on. As he grew into the role over the course of several seasons. Frank's time on the show came to an end in 1997. But it wouldn't be the end of Tommy Oliver. As Frank guest started in Wild Force's "Forever Red". Where he once again played Tommy Oliver once again. Frank returned full time in Dinothunder. Clearly more mature as an actor.

Frank never became the outside star that some thought he would immediatly. Partly because he moved on to other things. Frank owns a very successful chain of martial arts schools that have been in operation for years. Frank had a few small roles in movies and TV over the years. Recently he has begun competing in low level MMA fights.

But Franks legacy can not be denied. Power Rangers would not be the same without his involvement. And he is the most well known actor. So he deserves to be part of our first Hall of Fame induction.
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Default Re: Hall of Fame Inductee Number 6: Jason David Frank

I agree without Jason Frank, the show itself would never have gone to 'another level' following his intro as the green ranger in the mini series. I also feel Dino Thunder was that much better with such a 'legacy ranger' apart of the story ark.
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