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Default Re: How did Tommy get his Zeo powers back?

I like to go along with the following theory:
1. The Sword of Light only copied Jason's, Trini's and Zack's Ranger powers to a set of empty & powerless Power Coins. And because it's the sword of LIGHT and because Tommy's White Ranger powers were also created with light, it is possible that the combination of the two created a special safety net for Red, Yellow and Black Rangers. Which would eventually end up in the powers transferring back to their original owners, however, incompletely. When Adam morphed into the Black Ranger in "Always a Chance", what he did was trigger the completion of the power tranfer back to Jason, Trini and Zack. After all, if was Alpha 6 that warned Adam that if he used the busted morper and power coin that he could end up being drstoryed. Well, that didn't happen because of this safety net (power copying by using the Sword of Light and the White Ranger powers).

2. The Zeo Powers were never lost, they were just dangerous to continue using due to the Zeo Crystal becoming two powerful because it was used to recharge the Gold Ranger's Power Staff. The Zeo Crystal Trey used was far more powerful than the one we actually saw although Billy confirmed it was the same power source. Turns out - it wasn't exactly the same since Jason would have died if he didn't manage to summon the Gold Ranger Power Staff, unite the Treys and give Trey his powers back.

3. Turbo powers were lost, but since Justin was able to tranfrom in "True Blue to the Rescue" without any porblems, it's safe to assume that Zordon had a back-up for Turbo powers somewhere, maybe even on another planet. After all, the whole Power Chamber thing at the start of Zeo really came out of no-where with billy jusrt going along with it by saying that he saw the blueprints for it.

4. Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder powers were resored by Sentinel Knight, which explans how Broodwing get his hands on the Dino Gems in "History". Sentinel Knight probably took them to keep them safe for some reason, but the gem saving operation had failed for some reason so Kat had to push some buttons to enable Conner, Kira and Ethan to join the S.P.D. Rangers in battle.

5. Mystic Force's powers were never lost since all the MF Rangers have to do is to believe in magic... and done.

6. Venjix was cleared out of RPM Red's morpher, resulting in the SM Rangers safely using the powers in their season and the RPM Rangers making an appearance in "Legnedary Battle" and "Dimensions in Danger" respectively.

7. MMPR NInja Power Coins were destroyed during the Orb of Doom's time alteration effect, so they were probably restored some time after the time was restored to normal or the Rangers re-located the Ninja Temple and successfully talked to Ninjor. Thus, explaining Rocky doing his Ape Ninjazord summon moves and Tommy summoning the Fanconzord in "Dimensions in Danger".

Since the show's continuity is highly questionalbe at this time, the easiest way to explain some things - at least for me - is to find the easiest and the most logical explanation on how were the certain powers restored. Since the anniversary episodes don't give crap about continuity and are basically there just for the fans
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Default Re: How did Tommy get his Zeo powers back?

The whole episode made non sense. Tommy, Jason, and TJ all shouldn't have had their powers.
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