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Default DiLord - Heroes' Bonds

Kamen Rider DiLord
Chapter 2 is Up!!!


Destroyed buildings, screams can be heard from afar. Riders from other worlds are fighting to stop these monsters from destroying this world. Life might as well be dead. Everyone is terrified, monsters are appearing left to right. Daishocker has made their announcment that Decade has died. All is lost. 19 year old boy Seth, does not think so. A battle wages war on his mind, right and wrong. His words kept the people believing, believing that the light of justice would fall upon the evil that has sprouted before their eyes. That light is now.

Chapter One: The Birth of DiLord

"Come on! We have to get out of here!" A boy with black hair was running with a group of people, running from shadows that approach them. These shadows started to gain speed, faster and faster they caught up to the humans. Some might say that this was the end of the world, others believe that it's a living hell. But everything was still the same, everywhere had the symbol of death implanted on every single living thing. A few days before, scientists created the Dark Ghouls to help the Kamen Riders in their quest to defeat the monsters. These ghouls were blobs that looked like shadows, eating souls so they can grow much stronger than what they are right now.

"We can't get out of here alive!!!" One man screamed. He screamed for help, like any other human would do. Soon, the shadows engulfed him, his wife, and his child. After eating it's meal, it continued it's chase after the other humans. Then, when all hope was lost, a purple figure appeared. He shot out fire from his drumsticks, he looked fearsome and heroic at the same time. He jumped into the air and shot more fireballs at the shadow. He was a rider, Kamen Rider Hibiki. A fierce Oni that had the power to manipulate fire to his will and uses the drums and drumsticks as his weapons.

"Get out of here!!!" Hibiki said, holding off the shadow with fire. The shadow retaliated with it's own attack, a hand appeared and tried to swat Hibiki to the ground. Hibiki deflected it with fire, but he couldn't hold it on for long, the shadow's hand finally caught him. The shadow was ready for it's next meal. Hibiki struggled left and right, but he was utterly useless against the shadows strong hand. A flash came, and Hibiki was suddenly freed from the hand. Another hero, this time it looked like a beetle. He was covered in red and looked like a knight in shining armor. Once again, he disappeared only to see a red stream of color attacking the shadow.

"LET"S GO!" The boy said to the group as the riders held off the shadow. The group ran as fast as they could, not stopping for a second. They knew what they had to pay if they ever stopped for one second, death. They were almost safe, a ranch that was guarded by riders was close there. The only hope they had of surviving.

"Seth, are you sure that we can survive?" The desperate man said. The boy was called Seth, the very one that kept everyone going. Seth looked behind him, he saw the shadow once more. He saw Hibiki and the red rider chasing after it. He was sure that the red rider was Kabuto, the Lord of Speed.


Kabuto raced after the shadow, attacking it while Hibiki produced more flames to harm it. But it was just useless, the shadow divided itself and started going after the humans again. It engulfed more humans, making it grow stronger with every soul it obtained. Every desperate attempt the riders made was useless. the harder they tried to more energy they wasted, but something kept them going.

"I got them guys!" Another rider appeared, one in red neon lights. He was Faiz, Kamen Rider Faiz. A rider that uses technology to fight for good. He pulled out a phone from his belt and started inserting numbers. The phone switched into what looks like a gun and he fired at the shadow. It looked like it was working, the shadow was moving back from the burning laser. Kabuto and Hibiki started to move back, hands closing in on their belts. Hibiki pulled out a disc while Kabuto was pressing buttons on his belt. They both activated their finishers and defeated the shadow. Everyone was safe, except for Seth. When they were running, Seth fell down, and was forced to hide in an abandoned house. He didn't want to cry for help, Seth didn't want them to die because of his doing. He wanted them to live.

"Ughhh......" Seth held his leg as he felt a jolt of pain coming from it. When he looked, his leg was entirely covered in blood, probably from when he fell. He held it as he looked around for anything that could support him while walking. While he looked, he noticed something familiar about the room. The walls, windows, furniture, all seemed to flow right into his head. Questions started to appear out of nowhere, questions he would never ask himself in a time like this. He never felt so helpless, tears started to form around his eyes as he noticed something glittering like a jewel.

"Huh? What's this?" Seth noticed a belt and a driver on the floor. It resembled like the one that he heard about several weeks ago. grabbing it, he felt the power flowing through him. the belt suddenly wrapped itself around his arm, tightening it everytime he struggled to take it off.

"Gah!!!" Seth held his arm in pain as he felt jolts of power flow through his veins. The driver strapped itself on top of his arm, glowing from time to time. Seth didn't notice that a monster was looking straight at him, but when he did notice it was too late. Even if he caught a glimpse of it, it was surely looked like a snake with arms attached to it. It hissed and started moving, closer and closer in a swaying motion. It's arms flailed about as it's head showed it's teeth, then it struck. Holding out his arms, the driver produced a small shield.

"What?!?" The monster hissed as he tried to attack again and again. Seth felt his arm moving to his waist. He felt cards, pulling them up, he saw images on each of them. Then he saw one that interested him. The card that had DiLord imprinted upon the bottom. He remembered now, dreams when he was a child to where he was right now. Dreams about an armored hand reaching out to him, it was metallic, but felt warm and comforting. Seth quickly put the card in the driver, like he had done it for years. he pushed to driver forward, and let it slide back into it's place. Energy generated around him, sending slides of armor onto his shoulders and face. His body had turned into armor, and a blue cape flowed onto his back.

"You're in the domain.....of DiLord!!!"


Give me feedback and such so I can make chapter two much better!!!

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Everything happened really fast. Stories need proper pacing to be engaging.

That said, I am EXTREMELY pleased to be reading something filled with proper punctuation for once. Keep up the good work.
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Alright, thanks for the feedback!~

Working on Chapter 2 right now as well as looking over Chapter One another time. ^^
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Chapter Two is up and ready!!! Enjoy!~

Chapter Two: Twin Storm

"TAKE THIS!!!" Seth punched the monster with his metallic hand. When he transformed, he felt a surge of power. This power told him to fight, and fight he did. The monster of course, tried to fight back, but he knew he would die sooner of later by this new rider. Moments ago, Seth acquired this new, strange power, but it felt like the power was with him all along, and this Driver was the key to unleash it all. Of course, he had his troubles of using a body that was fully armored. Seth admired his new look as he tried to put on a heroic stance, like the one he had seen Kabuto and Hibiki make. The monster started backing up, trying to somehow hide in the shadows of the room.

"Curse you....." The monster hissed out once again, shaping his hand into a fist, smashing it into the wall. Once Seth realized it, it was too late. A hole was already formed, allowing the monster to escape. Following it out, Seth wondered what was the other cards meant for. Catching up to the monster, he looked at his waist. There was a small box attached to the side of his belt, making a grab for it, he pulled out another card with DiLord imprinted on it. The monster looked stunned as he pulled out the card, prepared for the worst case scenario that can happen to it. Unlike him, Seth smiled under the mask and searched for where to insert the card. The monster didn't feel like waiting, it started to rush it, rage consuming it.

"DIE!!! Riders are going to die!! And you're going to be the first!" It swung a fist, hitting Seth in the stomach. The punch felt like a rock, sending Seth flying several feet away. His head was spinning, he felt like he was going to die of pain. Struggling to get up, he looked at his hand. Something was wrong, the card wasn't in his hand anymore. Returning to his senses, Seth made a desperate search for his card. He made a dodge when the creature attacked him, and tried to strike back. But the monster was experienced, while Seth was a total newbie at fighting. Grabbing his hand, the monster flipped Seth over like he was a doll. Seth groaned, his arm had bruises on it, and he was in no condition to fight.

"C'mon.....where is that card?!?" Seth struggled to get up once more, grabbing a punch thrown by the monster and punched it back. He smiled, his first actual punch towards a monster. All of the rage he held, all sent into one punch, and it felt relieving to know that he can avenge those who fallen by these killers. Unlike him, the monster was quite enraged, sending a punch back at Seth. Time slowed down, everything halted into a stop. Seth felt like he could sense the monster's fist, and he could dodge it like a professional boxer dodging a total amateur boxer's unsteady punch. Time went back to normal, Seth behind the monster, giving it a strong kick. The power of the DiLord Driver has awoken.

"Guess I'm not that bad as i thought..." Seth noticed the card that he dropped earlier, picking it up, he put it into the Driver.

ATTACK RIDE D-d-d-d-DiLord

His hand pulsed with white aura. He noticed that his driver wasn't sliding back, figuring that the driver was producing the aura. The monster started to get up, and started to run. Throwing a quick punch into the air, the aura instantly shot out, going after the monster as the driver slid back into place. Seth started to like how this rider system worked, pulling out another card, he placed it inside the driver.


Sliding it forward, he let the driver slide back. Armor pieces started appearing, eletricity started forming between Seth's shoulders, helmet, chest, and boots. The monster watched in awe as the pieces started to attach to Seth's armor.


At last, the armor was fully attached as Seth charged at the creature and kicked it. It was sent far away, whimpering as it tried to get up. It was certain now that the creature's life ended here, it's life ended when Seth pulled out the card to it's destruction.


The boots started to produce green energy as he charged forward, then leaping into the air. The blade on the boots started to tick down, pointing towards the creature like a clock ticking the destruction of the world.


Seth struck the monster like a meteor plunging into a hard surface. The creature shrieked as it tossed and turned, clutching it's stomach, the area where Seth kicked him. It groaned in pain as it started to dissolve. Seth grinned, but noticed something was wrong as the Kick Hopper card popped out of his driver. It was blank, as well as the final attack ride card he used. A shadow appeared behind him, a man in robes.

"The driver wasn't meant to use those cards from the beginning...it was meant to be used when you're stronger...." As the shadow said that, the driver started to produce eletricity, shocking Seth, but kept him in his rider form. Under his mask, Seth's face was twisted with pain as he tried to take off his driver. He noticed that more riders were walking towards him, hoping that they would help him ease the pain. It was Hibiki, as well as Kabuto approaching him, but something was wrong, something very wrong. Kabuto held up his kunai, while Hibiki's drumsticks started to burst into flames.
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