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11/13/06, 04:41 PM
You know, thinking back on the show, I can't remember there ever being a clear leader in Sailor Moon's absence. Heck, she was barely the leader when she was there. LOL

There was command quality in all four other Scouts. Jupiter was like the big sister, Mars had the fire in her belly, Mercury was the genius, and Venus had been a Scout the longest. Yet, whenever they came together, no one seemed like they were taking point. I guess it's just another testament to the greatness of that series.

11/13/06, 07:23 PM
Well, Venus was supposed to be the leader. Something that was apparent in the manga, live action series, and season 1. After that, the leadership roles disappeared all together.

Minako did take point an awful lot in the anime, especially the movies, even if she was never the designated leader officially.


Neo Moonlight Knight
11/14/06, 05:37 AM
I don't think there was ever a second in command. Maybe Mars or Mercury or like chris said, Sailor Venus

11/14/06, 05:48 AM
If you go back and watch the series, though, with the knowledge that Venus was supposed to be the leader, you can see many instances where she took point, taking command of a situation, regardless of whether Sailor Moon was around or not. She was the leader, it was just never specifically stated.

Really though, in the spirit of answering the question proposed in this thread, Mars was the second-in-command. Or, at least, that's what I understand was the case in the manga. I know she was in PGSM.


Neo Moonlight Knight
11/20/06, 12:50 PM
I'm gonna have to rewatch some of the classic episodes. the last classic one I watched was the one where they are fighting on the cementery and Darien finds out he's tuxedo Mask. Spanish from Spain dub. *Shrugs* a thousand times worse than any english dub

11/20/06, 09:50 PM
Spanish from Spain dub. *Shrugs* a thousand times worse than any english dub
That's because in other countries, all the characters tend to sound the exact same. O_O

Neo Moonlight Knight
11/21/06, 07:29 PM
Spanish from Spain dub. *Shrugs* a thousand times worse than any english dub
That's because in other countries, all the characters tend to sound the exact same.??O_O

In this one they don't sound the same, it's just the script.. that awful dialogue. and the name changes.

Darien- Ramiro.
Serena- Bunny
Lita- Patricia.

And people bashed DIC dub

Sailor Saturn
12/19/06, 07:53 PM
Ugh....I hate the Japanese dub in Sailor Moon! Too many cusswords.

12/19/06, 08:20 PM
Eh? Too many cusswords? Really? Never really noticed. But it's Japanese. Short of knowing the language, you don't actually hear it. Just ignore the subtitles if it bothers you that much. Though, I hear worse everyday, whether on TV and movies, or just on the street. And, it's Japanese sub, not dub. For the record. Dub refers to a language the show wasn't originally recorded in. For example, the English version is a dub.

That is also the first time I've ever heard someone say they hated the sub. Personally, even when I was 10 watching it for the first time in '95 (on USA at 4 in the morning) I never cared for the dub. I just fell in love with the story.


01/23/13, 05:58 PM
Personally I tend to go with Mina being the leader in most situations and sometimes she's the second-in-command.

Look at the situation in which the villains were targetting Serena and the villain along with Amara and Michelle both thought Serena was Sailor Moon.
It was Mina's idea to try to trick Amara, Michelle and the villain with the Luna Pen.

Also in regards to the subs having too many cuss words, I doubt they really have too many cuss words. It's more of the subbers taking liberties with translations in order to convey the meaning and tone of what the characters are saying. Some things in Japanese just don't translate as well.

10/19/14, 01:58 PM
Venus is diffinitly the second and command in the Manga. Really the leader under Usagi as Princess. I suspect the same will be true in Crystal. The anime doesnt have a clear second but actually feels like Mars is unofficially. But Mars has a more charasmatic personality in the original anime so that makes sense. Venus actually has a more laid back personality in the original anime. Havent seen PGSM so cant speak on that.