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Here is the first chapter of my fan fiction BTFD Rangers (Blazing Task Force Dragons) Rangers. This is my first fan fiction, but not expecting for many readers to enjoy it. I am only doing it for my own amusement.

NOTE: If anyone's interested in restarting the RPG, send me a note.

BTFD Rangers (Blazing Task Force Dragons)
Written by: AngelofChaos
Opening Theme: Otherworld (Final Fantasy X)

Chapter One: Prelude To The Future

Five shadow figures accompany large dinosaur-like beings gathered at the top of the cliff surveying a small town once vibrating with life, now laid in partial ruins while most building still stand. Turning their attention away, the figures glance at what towered over them counting to unleash one wave of attack after the next. Each warrior had not known the other their lives, the hearts and minds were united as one. However, this is not the beginning of the story. This tales begins long before the young warriors accepted their destiny, or their births into the world. The year…1990

In the year 1990, an Earth parallel to our own had made a major revelation discovery that dragons do actually exist. Fifteen years passed since then and now they lived coexisting, helping one another until the eve of the Obsidian Festival. The Obsidian Festival marks the day that the mankind and dragons made an alliance, after what had been an endless war that taken many lives (both mankind and dragons). During an expedition in the rainforest, a group of archeologists stumbled upon an ancient temple. The temple was name “Meridian” after Thomas Meridian whom led the expedition. Inside they found vas amount of historical objects of the past and treasure. Though none compared to what they discovered in the heart of the temple. Three enormous gemstones placed upon pillars of marble. The pillars of marble were engraved with words of warning, but due aging these inscriptions were proven difficult to decipher. What they did not realize that the inscription had described that the stones were barrier marks creating an invisible barrier restraining an ancient evil. Removing the stones unleashed the ancient evil spreading nationwide, destroying everything within its path. The sky was bathed in crimson as both the lives of mankind and dragons kept increasing decline. It seem that the Earth was forever doomed until a group of young warriors and dragons banded together to put an end to the nightmare.

“How could this come all down to this?!” said a young warrior clad in yellow dragon theme armor. The yellow dragon next its partner merely answered in it own way, by snorting in agreement. The yellow clad figure question was directed towards three in the same armor except in red, black and blue. Their dragons were also next to them looking as the dark clouds swirled within the sky itself. “ANSWER ME! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?! YOU’VE COULD HAVE….”lunging towards the red clad warrior. The hot tempered warrior was interrupted from his outburst of rage, by the one dressed in black dragon armor.

“Tyrone, it wasn’t his fault.” the taller figure spoke. “None of us expected this outcome, but we must not forget the sacrifices made or the lives lost.”

The apparent leader paused for a brief moment before moving forward, followed by the others whom were close at hand. Each with a heavy heart the young fighters advance forward towards the ominous entity looming over them. The crimson sky continued to fill with the sounds of people cries and hideous laughter, reached each of their hearts filling them with determination.

“What this?! Would you raise your weapons against…..” the voice mocked them with cruelty.

“SILENCE!” The leader voice strained with tremendous grief, “We shall not listen to you anymore….”

“The Earth cries….” replied another

“It cries out for deliverance….” added another

“Deliverance from this blanket of darkness and chaos, which you’ve inflicted upon this world” The last replied.

“For the inhabitants of this planet and future generations! This planet will live on to greet the dawn of a new day years to come. It’s now or nothing, guys! Let’s give it everything we got.” the leader raised his head shouting. The group of warriors followed their leader, charging forward calling forth their own powers. The combination of the two forces blinded the area in a pure explosion of light. After the explosion of light the land was barren and the two forces were gone. The memories of this day were forever lost and forgotten, as the world continued to rebuild itself.

The year is now 2005, thus fifteen years has passed and memory of that day has still remained lost in time. Somewhere within a small community, people prepared to celebrate a festival tradition known as Obsidian Nobody remembers the reason of the festival except a legend that mankind had made an alliance with mystical creatures known as dragons. Unbeknownst that the sky was slowly turning a shade of crimson red for a mere second before changing back to a crystal blue. Except for one individual whom let out a heavy sigh. “It has begun….”

Ending Theme: (Unknown)

Next Chapter: The Obsidian Festival -

The Obsidian Festival an aged old tradition, celebrating an ancient legend of an usual alliance. Or is it more then a legend when strange humanoid lizards appear to wreak havoc.

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Ding dang doo this is bloody great this!

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I have the other chapters done already, and currently working on another one. This is totally different from the rpg.

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Your welcome. And I can't wait to see the other one and the next few chapters.

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Note: Due to the time that it has taken to write this, it has been changed into two (or three) parter.

BTFD Rangers (Blazing Task Force Dragon Rangers)

Chapter Two: The Obsidian Festival Part 1
Written By: AngelofChaos

Opening Theme: Otherworld (Final Fantasy X)

Meanwhile, a young woman walked out of a green house with a tray full of Orchids in full bloom. Though her pink short sleeve cotton t-shirt and blue denim Capri pants were cover with natural soil, the young woman’s hair raven-brunette hair had remained in a tight ponytail. “Sofu! Sobo! I have finished transporting the Orchids into their new pots. Is there anything else that you wanted me to accomplish before heading down to the festival?” An elderly man walked from behind an old beat up truck, which apparently had not been use for years. “Excited are we, Usagi?” wiping the oil from his hands. Placing the tray down where they could get more sunlight, the young woman walked towards him shaking her head. “Sofu, that old antique will not run properly no matter how much you try restoring it.” receiving a slight amount of laughter from the elderly man. Prompting elbows onto the side of the hood, watch him examining the progress. “And this is coming from my mago-masume whom believes that dragons existed.”

A blushed crept across her fair skin “…demo, they must have existed. So many findings have yet to identify. I know that this seems far fetched, but what if at one point they did existed and lived coexisting with mankind?!” However, her words went unnoticed as her grandfather continued about his work. She stood there awhile longer, before heading towards the festival.

A tall, yet athletic build young man with mildly tanned skin rested his back against the side of a darken alley. His jet-black hair went down to the base of his neck; his blue eyes were half-closed, as if everything passing by bored him. Lighting a cigarette in his mouth, the young man adjusted slightly before looking up towards the sky. He was not sure if it had been the effect of the nicotine or the puff of smoke omitted from his cigarette, just for a brief second thought that the small crack revealing the blue sky had changed to a crimson shade for a few seconds. With a mere shrug, the man turned towards the ground continuing minding to him.

“HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!” a voice cried out towards the entrance of the valley. An elderly woman struggled to break free from her captive, watching helplessly as another rummage through her purse. The two muggers were dressed casual to be considering thugs, but members of a small gang. Though the woman’s plea for assistance, those passing by or stand watching had only shook their heads in disbelief feeling remorsefully for the elderly woman. In truth, they were frightened for the consequences of providing assistance. This section of the city had fell under siege of an underground mafia that not even the local police would get involved in situations like this. Rumors that even the police were pay by the organization to stay out of their affairs.

“Please….” the elderly woman closed her eyes, fighting back the tears. The one holding tightly onto her, snarled angrily and tighten his hold. “Shut the fuck up, lady! If your husband and you remember to pay when the money was due, then you wouldn’t be in this mess.” The captor replied before looking at his associate, “Well?” The second mugger’s back was facing the entrance of the alley. Turning the purse upside down, spilled the contents on the pavement. “Nothing! Some floss, lip-gloss, and few pennies.” he sighs heavily.

“You’re kidding!” The first man spat, “Is this your idea of a joke, lady?! IS IT?! WHERE’S THE MONEY!!!” The elderly woman was shaking violent fearing for her own life.

“W-w-we haven’t been able to find any employment, and with the increase on our….” The captor silences the woman with a hard smack across the face. From his location down in the alley, the figure hidden the shadows clenched his fist tightly and move towards the entrance. “What should we do?” The second man kicked the items scattered below their feet. The man holding the elderly woman thought long and hard until smiling darkly. “Do you really have to ask? Take her towards the back of the alley and show her what happens to those that crosses the Mavericks.”

The second man reached into his pocket retrieving a double-action revolver. It was that point a hand emerged from the darkness and drew the gunman into the alley. Everything was moving so quickly that the gunman barely registered what happen up until now and faced an all too familiar face. “C-c-ca….ugh!!!” his mouth was silence as the mysterious person clasp his hand tightly around the gunman’s face.

“This is what you’re going to do, so you better listen up. You are going to pick up the things you have scattered on the ground from that woman’s purse and put them back. Then your friend and you are going get the hell out of here now.” the figure slam the gunman up by his neck, against one of the walls. His eyes diverted towards the man’s gun. Grasping onto the gun used the handle to club the side of the gunman’s face before releasing him. The gunman spat out fits of blood before moving quickly now with a limp.

Standing towards the entrance of the alley, the captive shoved the elderly woman aside making his way in the direction his friend disappeared. “Zen? Zen?!” The man soon received his answer when the bruised and battered, Zen stumbled out of the darkness, motioning his friend to get away. “What happen to you, man?!”

“The same thing that will happen to you” a voice replied from the darken alley, “Now wise up and follow his example, Tyler.” The man immediately recognized the voice and help Zen stand up. “This isn’t over!” The two members of Mavericks moved with great haste. Still shaken up albeit the elderly woman gathered her belongings and moved away without thanking the unseen rescuer. This suited the figure within the alley just find and moved further into the darken alley, taking another puff from the lighted cigarette. A poster to his right side caught his attention.

“The Obsidian Festival is back” scratching underneath his chin albeit, “…Guess it worth to check it out.” Taking one more drag, discarded the butt of the cigarette onto the ground.

Driving close to the Obsidian Festival, two friends were in midst of a conversation between fiction and non-fiction. Behind the driver’s steering wheel was a young man, not athletic but very well built. His long auburn hair tied back into a sleek ponytail, with tattoos on both his arms. “For the very last time, Tony!” the young man shifted the stick into second gear, “It is very possible that the fossils discovered in the past year may be dragon fossils and not dinosaurs. The Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein are fictional and have no solid evidence behind them.” The passenger was about average athletic built, skin tone very tan and brunette hair with several blonde streaks. On both wrists, he wears black arm bands trim with goldenness yellow on both hands.

“Correction! Dracula was said to be based upon an actual person, whom did feast upon human blood, Andy” Tony smugly replied lifting one finger into the air. “Then if these fossils might be actual dragon fossils, who to say that the others don’t actually do not exist too?” Andy rolled his eyes for a brief moment, “Only you would say something so childish like that.”

On the outskirts in a small flat house, a large family works outside repairing most of the damage from a midnight party gone bad. A stern fatherly figure stood watching the eight worked together in unison on the repairs.

“I thought you children knew better then this!” crossing his arms in annoyance. “It was lucky that we still have the materials needed in the shed. Now would anyone care to explain how this happen exactly?!” tapping a finger in annoyance.

“It was your fault!” One of the siblings spoke nudging another.
“My fault?! How in the world is it my fault?! It was his fault in the first place! He had invited a few…” The second pointed across the roof to another.
“Excuse me?! I had only invited one friend! One friend!” pointing a single finger in response the accused replied. “Not unlike SOMEONE else” his eyes shifted to the right.
The next accused missed the nail and brought the hammer down on his thumb. “OWWWWW!!!!” placed the bruise thumb into his mouth. “Wharf?! Wf! Fhaf oot….” taking a deep breath removed his thumb. “What?! No! That is not true! None of my friends could make it! Ask double trouble over there!” pointing two a set of twins whom shook there head.
“Do not place the blame on them, Jack! They had no idea about the party till arriving home from their tutoring session.” It was then the last of the siblings placed down the building materials to climb down the ladder. Compared to the others this individual was a bit small with short brunette hair and athletic built. “It wasn’t their fault, father.” the child had spoken up, “I will be more then glad to accept the punishment in their behalf” This caused the accusing siblings to hush in silence and look down below awaiting the final say from their father.

“Dice, I thought that we’ve discussed the rules about holding any type of parties here. Refresh my memory, but what are the rules” The father, sighed heavily.
“Rule number one, any parties held must have your approval. Under any circumstances are parties to take place without this consent. Rule number two, only one guest per family member permitted unless it is their birthday by the requester. Rule number three, the requester is then responsible keeping the number of guests to a minimum.” Dice listed the rules using her right hand, while their father nodded his head. “And the most important rule?”

“That any mess or damage made must be taken care by the one responsible for holding the party within the first place” Dice finished. With a heartfelt smile, he smiled resting a hand upon Dice’s shoulder. “If this was brought to my attention sooner, then your brothers would not be caught up in this mess. However, due today is the Obsidian Festival its best that you all work together. No point of one person missing the celebration, no?” he replied picking up a few planks. “I am not sure about you children, but I heard that the chili this year would be kickin’!” The attempt to speak like his children was a futile attempt by the expressions upon their faces.

Located within a dimensional void overseeing Earth, a shadow outline of a woman watched an image played in the reflection of a pond directly in front of her. The image within the ripples of the water showed the inhabitants of the planet moving to and from places, helping one another, preparing for the festival etc. All scenes caused the woman to snarl in hatred, lifting a robed arm commanded the image to disperse. “It seems that the inhabitants of Earth have rebuilt since the year of the Crimson Sky. What a pity that it must be destroyed once more.” reciting a small amount of laughter, “Now with the Earth’s defense no longer in place, it is the best time to strike. GENKI!!!!!” The woman’s voice boom throughout the hallow throne room.

As if to respond to the summoning, massive amounts of ebony black smoke filled the room moving into one spot located within the room. The smoke began to take on shape of a small girl, no more barely ten or twelve years of age. “Yes, my mistress?” the child-like figure kneels down in front of the woman, “What is it that you require of me?” The woman smiled darkly upon the child “As a matter-of-fact there is something that I do require from you. Have you’ve sent the Dragonites down towards Earth yet?”

“Yes! They have already been sent and should have taken on human forms at this time, currently waiting for your orders.” the child replied. The dark woman nod her head silently appeased with this information. “Good! Then have them attack once the opening ceremony begins.” The small child bowed before exiting in the same manner that she had entered. “Soon….very soon, that world will be mine”

Meanwhile, unseen by the visible eye, a mysterious figure slowly walks down of what appears to be a regal palace decorated with crystallized floors, doors, thresholds, support pillars/beams, ceiling and windows. Chiseled into the walls of the palace-like interior were dragons, each similar to the next with the color gemstone orbs that the held within their claws. Descending further within the figure entered an elaborate room decorated the same manner as the passageways. In the center of the room, a pentagram of a dragon engraved on the floor with five marble pillars. Each pillar had an enormous color orb with the base, resembling a sleeping dragon. Crossing the threshold, another pillar emerges from the center of the pentagram with a single crystal orb that changed colors before becoming clear once more.

Images of the landscape overlap one another until focusing upon the Obsidian. Watching closely the figure became very disturb as innocent civilians moved around not noticing creatures known as Dragonites, were walking amongst them in disguised. The Orb revealed the truth of their nature, and it was quite clear that the dark force was about to let itself finally be known to the massive. Within the hollow room, a mighty roar echoed throughout the palace reaching the figure.

“Ah! You’ve noticed it too, eh?” The figure then questioned, only to receive another response by the unseen creature. “Then its time….”

As if to respond to the figure, from the five thresholds facing the pillars loud footsteps heard approaching. Though hidden in the shadows of the thresholds, the figure nod his head greeting them in respect turning his attention on the crystal orb. “It is pointless to tell you, that the evil force has now return and apparently been biding its time until now. I have reason to believe…..” A roar then interrupted the figure conversation correcting him, “….right! Quite right indeed my friend. The Red Dragon of Justice and myself have reason to believe that they are now about to make their move, which is why you have been all summoned. It is time that you…hm?!” The five orbs in front of the dragons hidden in shadow glow brightly; revealing five selected individuals for a brief second, “It appears that you’ve already chosen. Very well, but let our enemy make the first move. A very unorthodox method, but it will help strengthen and prepare them for what’s to come.”


The Obsidian Festival had been finished setting and now was open to the public. The aroma intoxicating of barbecue, cotton and other tempting sweets filled the air with the sound of attractions throughout the festival grounds. Standing amongst those gathered at the front gates, Usagi waited patiently until the gates had been open to the public. Allowing others to enter first, Usagi took time to familiarize her with the layout of this year’s festival and planning what to see or do first.

Unable to decide what to do first, she walked over to a nearby lemonade stand and purchased a bottle of fresh squeezed lemonade to beat the heat. “This is wonderful! It’s a shame that sofu and sobo decided not to attend this year’s festival” she sighed heavily placing the cup against her lips once more. Her eyes darted around picking up the debate what or where to go first. It was then something unusual walk past the maintainers workers. From the distance the figure look vaguely like a humanoid lizard, but after Usagi rubbed her eyes in disbelief the humanoid lizard was no longer in sight. “Nani?! What was…..” she paused for a moment “Was that one of the workers dressed up in a lizard costume?! No….I thought that thing had opened its mouth for a second bearing its teeth….” Shaking her head, Usagi regain her senses and look at the lemonade sign and then the cup within her hand “Did I order hard lemonade instead?!” Unsure, she shrugged her shoulders, tossing the empty cup within the garbage next to the stand and continued to roam throughout the grounds.

Ending Theme: Reckless Fire (S-Cry-Ed)

Next Chapter: The Obsidian Festival Part Two -

As the Obsidian Festival continues, trouble slowly starts to surface and wreak havoc. Who is the mysterious woman? Who is the second mysterious figure whom speaks to unseen creatures? What are these creatures? And most importantly what does this have to tie with the five individuals? The answers to this and more lies in the next chapter.

*Note: Those whom do not know what hard lemonade is exactly, its lemonade with alochol in it*

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BTFD Rangers (Blazing Task Force Dragons)
Written by: AngelofChaos
Opening Theme: Princes Of The Universe (Queens)

Previous On BTFD Rangers….

The Obsidian Festival is moments away from the official open ceremony. Five young teenagers/adults make their way individuality (except for two that are carpooling) to the festival unaware of the dangers lurking within. From her dimension, an evil woman moves into position, scattering her forces throughout the festival grounds binding time for the perfect moment to strike. However, another mysterious figure watches over the celebration making plans to stop the evil. An ancient struggle between two forces are now begun, and the lives of these five individuals are about to change.

Chapter 3: The Obsidian Festival Part 2

The Obsidian Festival grounds continued attracting more people. The festival grounds were now highly populated that most rides, attractions etc had now form waiting lines. While most have solely come to the festival merely for the entertainment, the other half gathered towards the center square where something stood hidden underneath burlap. Sealing the section away from the public was a different version of the standard police “Do Not Cross” tape, was lavender flags trimmed with golden lining and a dragon symbol in the center. What was underneath the burlap? That was the question on everyone minds that was gathered around. In the midst of the crowd gathered, five individuals were about to experience something that would change their lives. Power and great responsibilities would soon bestow upon them.

In the far corner, Cars (Carson) stood brooding against the side of the Agricultural building looking onwards. His half-closed blue eyes conceal his curiosity with the appearance of boredom. Reaching into his pocket pulled out a half-empty carton of Winston’s cigarettes and brought them to eye level. “Hmm…” Cars continued to stare at the carton before shoving it back into his pocket once more. “Better not” Rubbing the little stubble on his face, return his attention back to the awaiting open ceremony.

Standing in the front row behind the no-crossing tape, Usagi had attempted to get a glimpse of the hidden object underneath the flaps blowing into the wind. The breeze was not strong enough to lift it less then an inch from it. Blowing a strand of raven-hair, Usagi stood upright to look at the pamphlet in her hands. Nothing inside the pamphlet had been of some enlightenment behind the mysterious center of attraction of this year’s festival.

Walking from the far east entrance, the two friends had continued conversing with one another about the differences of fiction and non-fiction. However, it was a difficult conversation when one’s mouth was full of cotton candy already. “Ofay, wff hould bb….” Tony taken another bite of the sweet sticky substance and pointed at the map located on the back of the pamphlet. “What?! I did not understand a word you’ve said” Andy grabbed the map from his friend’s hands. “Ugh! You’ve got the map all….ugh!” looking at his now sticky hand, “You’ve got the map all sticky!” A sweat drop appeared over Tony’s head and smiled very sheepishly still with a mouth full of cotton candy, before pointing over towards a crowd gathered around a covered object.

The noise of the crowd soon ceased, as the Mayor of the city approach (accompany with his family) a microphone that had been placed next to the covered object. Picking the microphone gazed at his family with a proud and loving smile for a moment. Tapping the microphone slightly, confirm that it been switched on. The slight irritating sound piercing throughout all the speakers proved that his assumption was accurate.

“My apologies everyone that the moment of displeasure. I am very sorry.” The Mayor chuckled nervously, “Quite sorry, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the fifteen annual Obsidian Festival. It has been fifteen years since our city had to rebuild itself from what remains a mystery. “The heavyset man moved to the right a few steps, “In addition, to retell a legend that has been passed down from over the years. A legend that mankind had made an alliance with mystical creatures known as dragons.” The audience remains silent, watching the Mayor nod his head to his family. His wife and two children move to the side, grabbing onto an end of the burlap pulling it slowly. “It is believed that this alliance brought us out harms way and into an era of prosperity. This brings me to a conclusion for the opening ceremony of the fifteen annual Obsidian Festival!” extending a hand behind him. “With generous contributes and profits made from last year festival, I proudly present the Guardian Dragon.”

The burlap covering removed revealed a marble white dragon. The dragon’s head rested close to its neck. Its wings spread outwards, while its four feet rested upon a square block of marble. However, on the stomach of the dragon were five zircon gems. Each imitation gem was a different color and symbol written in Japanese. “The five zircon gems were donated by an anonymous donor. Let this monument be the symbol of accomplish that those in the past and present have established this fair city.” The crowd responded by cheers of joy and applause.

The marble dragon’s features shine brightly from the rays of the sun, breaking through the sky. However, the sparkle from the marble soon changes into ripples of water, as two fingers touched upon its surface. From her dimension watched with anticipation, but something disturbing lingered within the air itself. The mysterious woman lifted her hooded head slightly, sensing the presence of another within the chamber. “Perfect timing, General Zeke” she spoke softly, “It seems that we are not the only ones interested upon this day. We must act quickly! It appears that Genki fell asleep on the job and not issued the command. See that it is done immediately” The second figure hidden within the shadows of the realm nodded silently before exiting the room. Hidden by the hood, a pair of eyes glowed from the darkness starring at the image cast upon the waters. “You’re too late! My plans have been set in motion long ago; even if you still have the power it’s a little too late.”

Meanwhile, the opening ceremonial had ended. The Mayor looks at the sheet of announcements going through them in chronicle order. “This brings us to the entertainment portion of the festival. There has been a slight change to the theatrical production troupe of “Dragon’s Tale” at the pavilion from….hm?” The Mayor’s attention diverted towards several figures dressed in what appeared to be lizard-humanoid costumes approach the center square. “Well, it appears that the troupe would like to present a small number from the play. I will announce the time change shortly….” However, before the Mayor speech could continue, one of the creatures slash a nearby vender stand in a single strike. Sparks flew from the neon sign, as the creature’s hand continued slashing downwards. The crowd merely stood there watching the destruction, as if it had been part of an act. Applause and cheers arose from the crowd, as the creature continued its destruction.

“Mrs. Lindbergh?” The Mayor covered the microphone to speak with his assistant standing not to far from his side. Mrs. Lindbergh was an elderly woman with silver-grayish hair and optical lenses dressed professionally despite the mayor’s appearance. “Is this part of their….” The assistant merely shook her head in disagreement before shoved aside by another creature. The second creature moved towards the Guardian Dragon statue, unsheathing a sword from his belt. Glaring spitefully at the statue, the humanoid lizard turn around raising its sword and cried a bloody scream.

What been assumed public participation with the members of a production troupe had now turned into mass panic as the creatures began to attack the public and damage property. “Please stay calm! Please stay….ahhhhh!!!!” The Mayor moved towards his family ushering them away towards safety, while the gathered crowd now ran for their own lives too. Amongst the fleeing, four individuals had remained where they were. Only one believed that this was a wrongful act and unpunished, while the others could not understand why they felt drawn to stay….and fight. Cars (Carson) cracked his knuckles before removing his black blazer jacket using it as a net. Ensnarling one of the hideous creatures, Cars dragged it away out of sight. The sound of thrashing followed by grunts of the struggled, but the action could not accept the shadows on the ground, cast by the two fighters.

“What are these things?!” Tony quickly dodged away from an approaching attacker. “It’s like something out of movie!” Andy nods his head delivering a powerful sidekick into another creature’s side, causing it to crash into a table stand. “For once….” he replied regaining his posture, “I must agree with you there on both accounts. However, they could be practical….” Andy was not quick enough this time around to avoid a surprised attack. Andy cringed in pain, as the monster sank its teeth deeply into his arm. Pushing the numbing pain aside, used his free arm elbowing the hideous humanoid beast in the neck to break free.

“Are you okay?” Tony questioned moving quickly pushing the beast back.
“Does it look like that I’m okay?!” Andy replied holding onto his arm now dripping in blood from the puncture wound.
“Hmm…” taking a moment to rub his chin thoughtfully, “Actually, you appear to be somewhat in pain from those teeth marks” Andy’s eyes rolled in response before directly looking at him flatly. The creature that they had pushed aside rebound charging towards them.

“Hey! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Andy jerked his head slightly in recognition.
“You’re on!” Tony replied smirking devilishly. The two have been such good friends, that they were almost like brothers and knew what was on the other’s mind (…sometimes). The humanoid lizard stood in the center exchanging glances on the charging duo, unfortunate timing as the duo delivered a synchronized blow to its head. This time the creature did not bother to get back up, let alone move. “Dude! You knew that had to hurt”

From where she stood, Usagi soon found herself surrounded by more of the creatures. It had appeared that there was no means of escape and continued moving backwards until her back brushed against a wall. The Oriental girl felt her heart race rapidly at the creatures bare teethes hungrily. The air had now reeked of lizard, but something else. Usagi’s eyes darted around until finding the source not to far from her left. Dripping down onto the ground from a broken pipe was gasoline oil used for the grills. “That’s it! Now if only….” immediately move towards the capsized grill searching amongst the ground for something to use in addition. Scattered off to the side were several paper products (cups, napkins, plates, etc…), ketchup and muster bottles, plus several empty pickle jars. Moving to avoid the creature’s path, collect drips of oil into the glass container. “Come on! Come on!” she replied impatiently. Viewing that there was enough inside, tore part of her shirt and placed it in the neck of the bottle. With the torn piece of the shirt in place, Usagi lean the bottle close to the dying flame. The oil soak cloth immediately lit up in flame, and tosses it at the trail of spilled oil just in front of the creature’s feet. Quickly, the Oriental girl stood up and ran quickly to avoid the explosion that followed. Feeling the heat of the flames brushed against her back; hit the terra ground covering her head coughing. Though the four were able to put up a valiant fight more appeared to take the fallen places.

Meanwhile, the Dahlia family had finished the repairs to their home in time to enjoy the festival. Since they had lived not to far from the fair grounds, the Dahlia went by foot. As they got closer to the Obsidian Festival, the Dahlia’s received a shocking arrival.

“What’s going on?” One of the twins replied.
“Run for your lives!” A frighten vendor cried out and passed them. “Just run!”
Mr. Dahlia and the seven brothers exchange bewildered expressions until hearing an inhuman. “Hmm…I do not like the sound that at all. Let’s follow that man’s example and….” his sentence was cut short noticing that their number decline by one. “Where’s Euridice?!” The others snickered at this, but silence quickly when their father gave them a stern look. Unbeknownst to them that Dice had been drawn towards the festival grounds despite the hideous cries.

When Dice arrived, she wasn’t given any time to take in everything being thrust into combat. The short brunette hair girl had pushed back more of the creatures by delivering executed martial art punches and kicks. Like the others, Dice stood alert and questioned what exactly made her wanting to fight the unknown creatures. What the five gathered did not know that another force was looking over them from his dimension and smiled. “They do have great potential indeed, you’ve chosen well…” his voice faded.

The Guardian Dragon statue shattered on the ground had glow just for a mere second. The five zircon gems that were on the dragon’s stomach combust in unison, leaving only glowing multicolor spheres. These glowing spheres hovered above the statue, then scattered in separated direction. Their targets?! The glow spheres hurl at a rapid speed, hitting their attended targets in the back. Dice, Cars, Usagi, Andy and Tony fell down onto the ground unconsciousness.

The End

Ending Theme: Reckless Fire (S-Cry-Ed)

Next Chapter: Wind Of Destiny

Exactly what were those glowing spheres? What will become of the five young fighters? These questions and more will be answer in due time. If Usagi had thought that things could not getting any weirder, explain the sudden teleportation and told that she was one of the few “chosen one” in a great plan.

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Bloody mint.

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Fantastic. I think this story is great!