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03/22/02, 03:36 AM
This question may seem silly but if you could be any type of Ranger which of the following types would you be? I didnt have enough room for Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Zeo Ranger, Alien Ranger or Lightspeed Ranger so if you wanted to be one of those instead of the ones I listed in the choices area you can reply if you want


go galactic
03/22/02, 08:00 AM
i would want to be mmpr

03/22/02, 07:34 PM
Lost Galaxy or Wild Force for me

03/22/02, 08:14 PM
If I could be any type of ranger, I would be the gold zeo ranger.

Cross My Line
03/22/02, 08:44 PM
SHIFT INTO TURBO!!! Can anyone guess what I want to be?

03/22/02, 08:47 PM
Turbo Ranger!! Duh!!! You gave it away in your post!!!!

Cross My Line
03/22/02, 08:50 PM
Really? I did? How observant you are :rolleyes:

03/22/02, 08:56 PM
Why thank you!! I am observant!!


Cross My Line
03/22/02, 11:19 PM
Yes you are. As observant as a brick.

03/23/02, 03:21 AM
Phantom Ranger or Quantum Ranger

03/23/02, 03:24 AM
Oh yeah CML? I may be as observant as a brick.....but you're just plain not observant


Cross My Line
03/23/02, 08:15 AM
Ooooooh, you've really hurt me now. Why should I be observant at this board, when its just a bunch of morons (aside from MiChaos, Windgrail, and RTR) posting?

03/23/02, 06:33 PM
Hey Cross My Line if you think me or any of the other people (the ones that you mentioned) on this board are insulted by that SO-CALLED insult I can tell you right now they're not....I already know I'M not insulted by it so why dont you go use your STUPID SO-CALLED insults on someone whos actually going to be insulted by them


03/23/02, 07:28 PM
I'll just interrupt that winge to post my response to this topic - I'd be ChaosRanger (:lol: ) or Phantom Ranger...and become close to Cassie ;)

go galactic
03/23/02, 07:40 PM
getting little classy huh cml?
maybe u think i am a moron , beacuse U is the one that pisses me off , U U U , i did nothing to U,ok so dont call idiots to people that are not your friend beacuse u piss em off

Cross My Line
03/23/02, 08:57 PM
Hey, I think we've got a competition going on between Homer and go galactic here. In Homer's case its how many times he can include the word insult in one post, whereas with go galactic its the letter u.

Lets see how this competition plays out.

Oh, and morons tend to join and band together. If homer and go galactic are basically saying the same thing, I rest my case.

03/23/02, 10:59 PM
Hey CML I'm just going to ignore your SO-CALLED insults from now on.....everybody else should do that too and he wont like it one bit.....hehe that will show him


03/23/02, 11:03 PM

Cross My Line
03/24/02, 09:46 AM
Its amazing really. How you people whinge and complain so much just because I let it be known I hate the morons here.
We all have people in real life that we know hate us, but do you constantly whinge, and bitch to them about how they don't like you? Hell on. So why do you think you can do it here? Hmm? There is no difference.

go galactic
03/24/02, 03:37 PM
u dont give me and homer a chance , beside you always ruin my posts for nothing , i got ideas and questions and beacuse of u no one answers them or tell me what they think about ideas

Cross My Line
03/24/02, 10:17 PM
a chance? Everyone gets a chance in the world of CML. You two both blew it. You especially with your lame and childish double post on me.

And I don't ruin your posts. I state something, if people follow on from what I said, thats their choice. And if they do that, but not go on from what you said, doesn't that just show the quality of your post?

03/24/02, 10:44 PM
Listen we both know what you just said was a lie


Cross My Line
03/24/02, 10:54 PM
Do you ever actually follow what you say you're gonna do? You said you were going to ignore my posts. So ignore my posts! Assclown.

The only liar here is you. Oh its true, its true.

03/25/02, 12:11 AM
Oh yeah? Well I wont have to ignore your posts for long.....because earlier today I contacted the administrator told him some of the things you've said and told him to ban you for all those things you've said


Cross My Line
03/25/02, 12:46 AM
You think Mike gives a crap? :lol: You have just reached a new low of stupidity. How pathetic can you get?

03/25/02, 12:57 AM
I know I said I'd ignore your posts but why are you always insulting everyone and for no reason? Thats not nice to do....besides it makes them feel bad


Cross My Line
03/25/02, 01:10 AM
Maybe you should actually look at the crap you and go galactic post. You'll then find your answer quite easily.

03/25/02, 01:14 AM
Hey listen we may insult you sometimes if thats what you're talking about but thats only because you insulted us first.....and if you're talking about the polls and/or topics we post (that you might not like) then dont say anything about it.....ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!


Cross My Line
03/25/02, 01:24 AM
:rolleyes: Just what I thought. You're silly little mind doesn't get it.

03/25/02, 01:38 AM
Eh who cares what you have to say? I'm going to ignore what you say from now on......and I mean it this time


go galactic
03/25/02, 07:28 AM
yeah and u cml posted a lot of important posts that are just gold
to remind u : i asked questions - u turned it into a spunky colors questions
i had ideas for pr- u turned it into stingwingers
u turned my stuff into realy "super important " discussion

Cross My Line
03/25/02, 05:00 PM
Er dude, I don't single handedly change the subject of posts. You're just proving your stupidity right here.

You're complaining how I turned a thread into talking about spunky colors, but you continued to answer questions about them!. You are just as much, if not more to blame than I am in that thread.

Homer - You're so obviously not going to ignore me. You and go galactic don't seem to realise that whingeing, bitching and complaining won't get you anywhere. I'm not going to stop what I'm doing, so both of you have to deal with it. If you don't like it, then find another board I dont go to. I suggest PRC, its already crap, so you two can hardly make it anymore worse, and its got the added bonus of me not going there.

You two would love it.......

03/29/02, 06:58 AM
Any Type of Ranger? * * * * * * * *

Por Favor, think people! MMPR reigns Supreme


Cross My Line
03/29/02, 09:20 AM
I think you're high on Zordon gas.

03/29/02, 09:19 PM
Contacted the admin? Since when? Mike hasn't been online for ages...and him listening to winges? Got as much chance as forcing Ray to update his site.

Cross My Line
03/30/02, 11:32 AM
which is funny. Ray actually has updated his site. For what reason? I don't know, I don't go to PRC anymore, in fact I don't even go to his site anymore.

The point though is, Ray didn't update the site for ages, because people kept bitching about it. The same applies here.

07/05/02, 09:57 PM
what type of ranger am i guess i'll say i'am leaperd
ranger that i can think of type of ranger that i'am
right now

psychic ranger
01/12/11, 01:07 PM
lunar ranger

04/26/14, 01:11 AM
I would have to go with the Season 2 White Ranger. I would definitely want to be him especially considering Saba and his awesome looking Tigerzord.

04/26/14, 01:32 AM
Tommy as the Green Ranger just to pilot the Dragonzord.