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05/25/06, 03:51 PM
Which of the many children graced with their own partner Digimon do you relate the most to? I must say that no DigiDestined ever really grabbed me before. Tai came close, but he was a little too emotional and bullheaded sometimes. Davis' heart echoed my own, but his brain was far from enjoyable. But Masaru is pretty much everything I've ever looked for in a Digimon's human partner. He's motivated, he's expressive, and he never hesitates to get his own hands dirty. It's so refreshing to see someone want to fight rather than sit back and watch their Digimon do it, especially when it's against incredible odds. Masaru is a character after my own heart.

What about the rest of ya?

Moonlight Knight
06/01/06, 01:31 PM
I could say Matt and Tai. But all of them had stories that Related to me somehow, that was the greatness of the first two seasons

06/27/06, 12:53 PM
Well I guess I'm just Mr. Obvious...