View Full Version : Digimon Savers: Episode 15 Chat

07/25/06, 02:57 PM
The DigiDestined find a city crammed in between a crevice in the ground, and investigate it, only to find an army of Dokugumon waiting to trap them in their web. MetalPhantomon then shows up to collect their energy through bad dreams. Touma dreams of the day his mother died, and the determination he has to live for her prompts Gaomon to Digivolve into Ultimate MachGaogamon.

Let me say that MachGaogamon looks very futuristic, and much sleeker than his lame, overdone Gaogamon form. He's also a grappler, which is a style I always like to see in my monsters. It's too bad his fight didn't last very long, I wanted to see more punch attacks. Oh, and Digivolving straight from Gaomon was crappy. The whole point to Ultimate Digivolution is because Champions don't have the strength to win.

I really feel for Touma, man. It must be hard to live with the fact that what you wanted led to your mother's death. I wonder if they'll leave that scene in the American dub, though it is dyer to the story, and they did show just as much when Ken's brother Sam met his maker, so I'm not worried about it.

My favorite part was that Agumon and Lalamon didn't sit back. As soon as everyone was free from Dokugumon's web, they Digivolved and helped take out the opposition. I'm so used to Ultimates doing all the fighting in their debuts, this was very refreshing.

And now we have to deal with Yoshino getting sick? Hopefully this illness won't keep her even further from the spotlight than her character already is...