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01/18/11, 08:45 AM
Has anyone been following Linkara's History of Power Rangers? For those that don't know. He is an online critique that has been reviewing every Power Rangers season in video format. The last video released was on Lightspeed Rescue,. He used. to watch the show from MMPR-Space. He has been rewatching episodes. As well as watching the episodes he didn't see for the first time.

Personally, I am through his Turbo review and will watch the Space one soon. I think he does a good job. He did make some minor mistakes in his earlier reviews. But he has really made an effort to be informed. Even interacting with the fandom. His rant on Turbo is funny. Even if he does overstate it almost ending the series. But at least he gave credit to the ratings success of the second half. All in all the guy comes off as someone that knows what he is talking about. I am sure the reviews I didn't listen to yet get even better.

This will give you download links. You have to dig a little bit though.


04/09/11, 07:35 AM
Yeah I've been following HOPR and AT4W episodes as well.