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red timeforce ranger 06/16/08 03:54 PM

Disney is NOT doing Metal Heroes
we are getting metal heros shows again for usa - diseny are doing metal heros

Poweranimals 06/16/08 04:01 PM


bcr1 06/16/08 04:51 PM

red timeforce ranger is a troll

PRangerX 06/16/08 06:40 PM

I don't know sometimes he says things that vaguely makes sense. Where did you here this Time Force? Can you show us some proof?

red timeforce ranger 06/16/08 07:54 PM

i saw this news on ultraman lah board - we hope get juspion or solbrain come usa

Poweranimals 06/16/08 08:18 PM


red timeforce ranger 06/16/08 09:12 PM

link call herorising.com - disney just registed it

Poweranimals 06/16/08 11:13 PM

So? That could be anything.

bcr1 06/17/08 01:28 AM

herorising.com is not working so stop trolling :mad:

masked rider fearon 06/17/08 02:44 AM

this wouldn't make sense since disney are stopping with power rangers,
I thought that this meant that they wouldn't be doing anything related or
similar to power rangers.
Or maybe this was meant to be a secret

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