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JungleFury Cat 09/06/21 03:08 PM

Favorite zords and/or assemblings
What are your favorite zords and/or assemblings of zords?

For me, most of my favorite zords are in MMPR, Turbo, and Mystic Force. I enjoyed Orion's legendary zords and zord combination from Super Megaforce, as well as the assembling of the first Lightspeed Rescue Zords. I liked the battle fleet zord in Operation Overdrive, and the Green Samurai Zord in Ninja Storm.
There are other zords that I like, but a lot of the time I've been tired of the zord battles.

Miki1988 09/07/21 10:30 AM

Re: Favorite zords and/or assemblings
- Dinozords / Original Megazord / Dragonzord Battle Mode / Megadragonzord/ Ultrazord
- Ninjazords / Ninja Megazord / Ninja Megafalconzord / Ninja Ultrazord

- Zeo Zords / Zeo Megazord / Zeo Megabattlezord
- Super Zeo Zords / Super Zeo Megazord

- Turbo Zords / Turbo Megazord

In Space:
- Astro Megaship / Astro Megazord
- Delta Megaship / Delta Megazord
- Astro Delta Megazord

Lost Galaxy:
- Galactabeasts / Galaxy Megazord / Galaxy Megazord with Lights of Orion Armor
- Torozord / Defender Torozord

Lightspeed Rescue:
- Lightspeed Zords / Lightspeed Megazord
- Supertrain Megazord

Time Force:
- Time Force Megazord Mode Red
- Q-Rex Megazord

Wild Force:
- Wild Zords / Wild Force Megazord
- Wild Force Megazord Double Knucle (I hope I spelled that right)
- Predazord (Zen Aku version)
- Predazord (Merrick version)

Ninja Storm:
- Storm Megazord + Thunder Megazord = Thunderstorm Megazord
- Samurai Star Megazord

Dino Thunder:
- Dinozords / Thundersaurus Megazord / Dino Stegazord

- Delta Command Megazord
- S.W.A.T. Megazord

Mystic Force:
- Legendary Megazord

Operation Overdrive:

Jungle Fury:
- Jungle Pride Megazord
- Jungle Master Megazord

- High Octaine Megazord
- R.P.M. Ultrazord

- Samurai Megazord

(Super) Megaforce:
- Legendary Megazord

I didn't see Dino (Super)Charge, but I did like Kyouger and their mecha. So i'm going to say the Dino Charge Megazord and the whatever the purple one is called in PR.

Ninja Steel - I've seen DiD only.

Beast Morphers
Since I liked the Go-Busters mecha as well, I'm going to say every Mega combo in BM.

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