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PRangerX 12/07/14 09:09 PM

Power Rangers VR
What if Grimlord became too powerful and the VR Troopers connected their powers to the morphing grid? Using the battle grid suits as their new costumes.

Zabitan 12/07/14 09:56 PM

Re: Power.Ranngers VR
That would be cool.

Delta Black 03/03/15 10:38 PM

Re: Power Rangers VR
That would be a good way to continue the show in the PRU. Maybe a season using Gobuster footage?

PRangerX 03/03/15 10:43 PM

Re: Power Rangers VR
Another idea I had was for the VRU to be its own universe. Grimlord has taken over the VRU and now wanted to conquer the pru. Someone from the VRU escapes and recruits a team of teenagers to become VR Rangers.

Zabitan 03/04/15 01:08 AM

Re: Power Rangers VR
Those are both interesting ideas.

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