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Windgrail2 05/12/02 07:06 PM

The Desert of Despair and The Morphin Masters
Silly question, but was the desert on Earth? Or a planet unnamed? I don't believe they siad which one in "Ninja Quest"

Morphin Masters...I remember hearing this term long, long ago. I don't think it was used on the show, but if it did exist would it consist of Zordon, Ninjor and Animus?

MiChaos 05/12/02 07:20 PM

The Morphin Masters existed before any of them. Zordon told us in an MMPR1 episode that millions of years ago, ancient sorcerers calling themselves the Morphin Masters hid a universe of power inside two mystical Power Eggs, and that only an innocent child could open the casket where the eggs are held. Rita attempted to kidnap a child to open this box, but were defeated by the Rangers.

Desert of Dispair: I heard rumours that this was located on 'Ritas Planetoid', but I do not know.

Windgrail2 05/13/02 02:46 AM

Millions of years ago, eh? Power Ranger Central had better update its Timeline then (holding my breath)
Is there any way that these sorcerers could have passed their identities as Morphin Masters to Zordon, Ninjor or Animus? If so, then I have a great new plotline to stick into my book.

Cross My Line 05/13/02 03:07 PM

Well, when the Rangers were in the Desert, Zedd peered down on them using his Zedd vision. Meaning they were on Earth. Although it looked like he was staring into space when he did it, so who knows.
I say its somewhere on Earth.

MiChaos 05/13/02 07:59 PM

I hate the entire "Rita's Planetoid" concept, and was always happy to ignore it and say the whole Dumpster and everything was on the moon, especially as we know the Palace was on the moon. I would as easily accept the Desert to be an Earth location.

Windgrail: Little chance, but in a book, it could happen.

Windgrail2 05/14/02 01:33 AM

"Rita's Planetoid?" And I thought I had heard everything in the large book of Ranger Terminology.

Cross My Line 05/14/02 03:15 PM

Or it could be in Alpha's Closet of doom.

MiChaos 05/14/02 07:26 PM

The Writers Guide (I'm sure you've heard of it) explains and swears by it. If you remember in Day of the Dumpster there was this planetoid thing near the moon where the Dumpster was meant to be, you could see this through the main passage from Zedd's throne room.

Cross My Line 05/15/02 03:01 PM

Indeed. I think it should be named Rita's Planet of Doom.

MiChaos 05/15/02 05:41 PM

Incidently, they used the same graphic when introducing the Cimmerian Planet...

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