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Pink With Evil 05/10/20 12:23 PM

Re: Great Dinosaur War?
I don't have anything against Amy Jo Johnson because she was just playing a role written for her...But I never liked the Kimberly character. I always found her annoying and too cliche. She fawned over Tommy way too much. The character was pretty shallow. The best Pink Rangers were Dana, Jen, and Kendrix. But in any case, I don't want to see Kimberly back.

Red Lightstar Ranger 05/11/20 11:55 AM

Re: Great Dinosaur War?
I think the Kimberly character's arch ended perfectly. She became a more well rounded character. A far cry from he shallow young women she seemed like in episode 1. Having her have the courage to face her dreams was a good send off. We didn't even need her to return in Turbo. It was fine though.

DinoWar 05/11/20 12:17 PM

Re: Great Dinosaur War?
I am really looking forward to this. Hopefully the returning Rangers don't come off as afterthoughts like recent team ups.

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