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Rider_Leangle 04/27/07 05:31 AM

Someone told me the chip (You know, on the front, the part that comes off to attach to the gear) on this is a sticker, is that true?

If so, where can I purchase a DX Faiz Belt and Faiz Gear, NO ToysNJoys, It took me 3 or 4 months for a Leangle Buckle to show up

Aussie Rider 05/05/07 10:04 AM

If that's the DX belt, then the Mission Memory can be removed for use in the rest of the Faiz Gear as shown here.

As for where to find it, Ebay or something similar, maybe HLJ, if your lucky. Good luck.

EDIT: Just had a look at HLJ. they're listing it as out of stock. Whether or not that means they CAN get one in I don't know. You could place an order and see, but i don't like you're chances. Best to keep an eye on Ebay and the like.

Rider_Leangle 05/05/07 12:24 PM

Well I just asked somewhere else, The one I linked to is a second version, its lesser quality, Its got less sounds and the chip thingy is just a sticker

Aussie Rider 05/09/07 05:53 AM

Ah okay. I wasn't sure if that was the DX or not.

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