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Richard Sheaf 08/15/11 05:54 PM

VR Troopers issue 1
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Hi there, newbie here,

Anyone know anything about this?

How many issue etc. it lasted?

This is issue 1 from Sep-95 (from Phoenix Press Ltd) - in the UK

Contents nothing to write home about - there are no credits anywhere


Zabitan 08/15/11 07:18 PM

Re: VR Troopers issue 1
Not that I know of.

By the way do you actually own it? If so can you please post scans?

PRangerX 08/16/11 11:46 PM

Re: VR Troopers issue 1
I know VR Troopers Comics existed for a short time. They we're usually a split issue with the Ninja Ranger comics. Not sure how long it lasted. I don't think it lasted very long.

Zabitan 08/17/11 12:26 AM

Re: VR Troopers issue 1
True but the ones that where packaged with Ninja Ranger comics were done by Marvel, and he's talking about the Phoenix Press ones.

Zabitan 01/05/17 03:20 PM

Re: VR Troopers issue 1
So I've done a bit of research, and it turns out there are 8 issues of this series.

In more personal news I finally bought the first issue on Ebay, and it just came in the mail.

It reminds me of the Marvel flip books in that there's really two stories.

The only difference is that in the middle they have two mini stories about Jeb.

Apparently though this isn't the comic I saw when I was a kid but it does have the Troopers in Battle Grid mode even it's just Ryan, and JB.

PRangerX 01/05/17 04:59 PM

Re: VR Troopers issue 1
Interesting. Like I said, I only remember the one with the Ninja Rangers as the other half. Its a cool find though.

VR Master 01/05/17 05:00 PM

Re: VR Troopers issue 1
Its too bas these comic book series didn't last longer. They could even have done their own thing.

Zabitan 01/25/17 09:10 PM

Re: VR Troopers issue 1
So I was wrong it wasn't 4 stories it's actually 5 because one story was a cliff hanger.

Some more good news though I just bought Issue 3 of the American version on Ebay and it should be here sometime between this Saturday and the Friday after next.

Also if you want you can go to my tumblr blog (chojin-cu-chulain.tumblr.com), and type in VR Troopers I took pictures of the comic I already have.

Their good enough to see but not good enough to actually read the words though.

Hailey Ziktor 01/25/17 10:02 PM

Re: VR Troopers issue 1
Sounds cool thanks.

Zabitan 01/31/17 01:38 PM

Re: VR Troopers issue 1
Well issue 3 came yesterday.

I think storywise it was an improvement over the last one I read because there were two main stories, and only one Jeb story, and they saved the cliffhanger story until the end of the issue.

I'll upload pictures of it later.

Zabitan 03/16/18 12:22 AM

Re: VR Troopers issue 1
Okay I need to clarify something that I was wrong about. What I got last time was issue 3 of VR Troopers Magazine which I thought was just the American version of the 3D comics but it turns out while they have some of the same stories they also have different stories.

I bring this up because I recently bought issue 3 of the 3D comic, and it has four stories: The man in the virtual mask, Fear factory, Percycution, and A.W.O.L. while the magazine had Fear Factory, Percyution, and Void.

Another interesting fact on the Battle Grid suits, There's no stories where any of the Troopers transforms into Battle Grid mode but their is a stock image from the actual show of them in the Battle Grid suits flying through the virtual portal.

Zabitan 11/25/20 11:07 PM

Re: VR Troopers issue 1
Well I bought another issue of the magazine, and sure enough it shows all three of them in the Battle Grid suits in one of the stories.

Not only that but I'm sure this is the issue I saw way back when I was a kid because the cover says "The Battle Begins", and the first story is just explaining how their powers work.

It even tries to explain the Battle Grid, and the Battle Grid suits.

"Professor Hart can also initiate a BattleGrid alert that transports the Troopers to interface space

This occurs when the lab faces a direct threat from Grimlord's forces

On the BsttleGrid the VR Troopers switch to lighter less restrictive battle suits better suited to I-space combat"


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