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MattEmily 08/16/18 02:20 PM

Metal Heroes on DVD
It seems as if Juspion will be making its way to DVD. Discotek Media will be producing the set


Zabitan 08/16/18 06:31 PM

Re: Metal Heroes on DVD
Holy smokes

*does backflips*

I definitely getting Juspion when it comes out.

MattEmily 08/16/18 06:46 PM

Re: Metal Heroes on DVD
I just wonder why Juspion and not Gavan, Sharivan or Shaider? Is Shaider prohibited because it's tied to VR Troopers?

Zabitan 08/16/18 07:22 PM

Re: Metal Heroes on DVD
That's a good question.

The only thing I can think is maybe the fact that Juspion uses a giant robot to fight giant monsters made it seem like a safe bet compared to those other shows.

I guess we'll have to wait if they'll release other shows if this does good or if Shout Factory is going to release the shows VR Troopers was based on.

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