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ryushin5 02/26/18 12:56 PM

Power Rangers Carnival
Hello guys I want to share a bit of a fan fiction project i've been dong
So this is a personal Power Rangers fan project i've been doing on and off for a while now.
It's called Power Rangers Carnival and it's a Carnival/Circus theme

So the basic story of is about these 3 teens that accidentally stumble into a pocket dimension at the carnival and they release the evil creatures known as "The Freaks" which were creatures of fear that terrorized the humans hundreds of years ago before being defeated by the Power Rangers of that time.

Over the years the tales of the Power Rangers became just a legend and was used as a theme for a performance act at the carnival. After releasing "The Freaks" the ringmaster of the carnival finds the teens and they find out that the Power Rangers were real and the ringmaster was one of them. They also find out that during the final battle against "The Freaks" the ringmaster was cursed with immortality and due to the side effects of the curse he is unable to use his ranger powers anymore. With no other choice he is forced to task the teens with sealing "The Freaks" once again as the new Power Rangers.

So that's a rough summary of the story and now here is the artwork I did for the core rangers.

Jared Diaz a.k.a Carnival Red

Ellen Lee a.k.a Carnival Blue

Lonny Smith a.k.a Carnival Yellow

Core Rangers helmets straight on.

I plan to continue working on it. I have the morphers designed just need to color it and show the diagram of how it works. I plan on designing their Zords and them in their non morph form as well in the near future just have to settle down on a design. The weapons that are shown in the artwork are just place holders and I have their weapons designed out and some changed (for example the red rangers weapon will be based off a ring masters cane) that I need to finish.

I also have the 3 other rangers that will join them sketched out that I will finalize in the future.
I eventually want to do a comic of it. I have the story written out and just need to storyboard it.

That's all I have for now. Hope to share more with you guys in the near future.

PRangerX 02/26/18 01:18 PM

Re: Power Rangers Carnival
Looks interesting, we hope to here more about it.

No Green Spandex 02/26/18 01:22 PM

Re: Power Rangers Carnival
As long as Team Carnival doesn't sue lol.

Hexagon Ranger 02/26/18 01:24 PM

Re: Power Rangers Carnival
Your designs look cool and go well with the theme. You obviously
put a lot of work in them. I wish you well with your fan comic.

Disney Ranger 02/26/18 06:07 PM

Re: Power Rangers Carnival
The uniforms look very good and match the theme well.

Kaoskid 02/26/18 09:59 PM

Re: Power Rangers Carnival
I like the designs and it is a pretty unique theme Red is a Lion Tamer, Blue is a strongwoman, and yellow is a juggler, judging by placeholder weapons

ryushin5 02/27/18 01:12 AM

Re: Power Rangers Carnival
Glad you guys are liking it so far!:D

So here's an update I've done the morpher which will be called "The Carnival Morpher"

So the morpher resembles somewhat like a cellphone and it has a gem thats color depends on the ranger and the symbol that's on it.
It also comes with 2 tickets a "Morph Ticket" and a "Calling Zords Ticket"
To morph they will need to get the "Morph Ticket" and insert it into the top opening of the morpher. Afterwards they press the side button and the morph sequence begins.
To summon their respective Zords they will insert the "Calling Zords Ticket" into the top of the morpher and then press the bottom left button. A "Mini Zord" that resembles an animal trainer will appear and blow it's whistle to summon the Zords from the pocket dimension that they reside.
When piloting their Zords they dock their morphers and the keypad on the morpher if given a code to type will allow the Zords to combine into a "Megazord". Various codes they receive will allow them to try different Megazord combinations.

Well that's it for now. Will update more soon!

Hayley Oliver 03/04/18 12:48 PM

Re: Power Rangers Carnival
Pretty cool. I wonder what the villains look like?

KimandTommy 03/04/18 12:55 PM

Re: Power Rangers Carnival
I hope there is a good Ranger Romance.

ryushin5 03/04/18 08:48 PM

Re: Power Rangers Carnival

Originally Posted by Hayley Oliver (Post 75275)
Pretty cool. I wonder what the villains look like?

I have the villains designed out in my head. I plan on actually drawing out the designs of them once I finish all the other things regarding the rangers first.


Originally Posted by KimandTommy (Post 75280)
I hope there is a good Ranger Romance.

I had a romance in mind. Been writing out scenarios and situations to make it seem more organic and not forced. :D

Time for an update I have done the blueprints for the rangers weapons. Here they are.

This is the Red Ranger's weapon called the "Sword Whip" It has 2 modes a sword mode for close combat and whip mode to extend his reach.
It is based off a ringmaster's whip.

This is the Blue Ranger's weapon called the "Mace Staff" it has 2 modes a Mace mode for heavy hitting attacks and a staff mode for longer reach of those heavy hitting attacks.
It is based off the dumbbells the strongman at a circus uses.

This is the Yellow Ranger's weapon called the "Juggle Club Pistol" it has 2 modes a a club mode that can be used for short range attacks. The vents on the top ignite to catch it on fire to do more damage towards to the opponent. The second mode is the pistol mode which allows it to shoot fire balls at the opponent.
It is based off the juggle clubs that juggler's uses.

That's it for now. Hope to update again soon!

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