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Hailey Hartford 10/25/16 07:22 PM

Creative Realm
I opened this today after finally finishing up the layout this afternoon. It was after a promise I had made to Vinnie just before he died last month(as of tomorrow). Their is lots to do and I am currently looking for several more key staff members. If you are interested, please let me know. I just added a new Admin this afternoon who is now the Mod of the Writings section. I still need a Moderator for Roleplaying Games.

Other Key Staff Members Needed;

Co-Owner(Will be chosen by me depending on who joins the board)
1 more Admin
1 more Super Moderator
2 More Moderators
1 Graphic Artist
1 Coder(I am no pro)

Board Link: http://creativerealm.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx

PRangerX 10/25/16 11:04 PM

Re: Creative Realm
Good Luck!

Hailey Hartford 10/26/16 07:37 AM

Re: Creative Realm
Thanks very much!

Hailey Hartford 03/03/17 03:35 PM

Re: Creative Realm
Call me stubborn or maybe just determined but I decided to just expand this forum some. I am also asking for help. I could use some Moderators to help out with making threads and posting shows and movies in their appropriate forums. I could also use someone to write up their personal reviews on these as well after they air(and you watched them).

Hailey Hartford 07/10/17 10:42 AM

Re: Creative Realm
I had closed it for awhile but am re-opening the board. I am still looking for help with running it. PM me once you join if interested.

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