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Razi 04/01/06 12:18 AM

Banner Contest: April 2006
Time for the April Banner contest!!!

Theme: Kirommy: Kira & Tommy Shipping

Deadline for entries: April 16th
-voting begins immediately after
Voting ends: April 29th


1.) Banners should be about 500 x 200 (matching avy's are accepted)

2.) You must use your original work, stuff done by YOU and no one else.

3.) Stick with the theme

4.) Make sure your entries are in by the deadlines or you will have to wait til next time.

5.) We, the people of the forums get to vote for our favorites and the winner will be put in an official thread.


Any questions or suggestions, post them here.

We start the contest today.

Let's get a crackalackin on the banners! This time, and for ever more, matching avatars are allowed. So, if you have an avatar that matches your banner, post them as a pair, and that will count as one entry. Its not necessaryu to have an avy though. Just if you feel like it.

And, the winner of this months contest, will get to choose the theme for the May contest.

Have fun!


kiraford5 04/01/06 12:21 PM

Is this where you post the banners?

If so, here's mine


Razi 04/01/06 02:01 PM

All banners for the contest go here.


kiraford5 04/01/06 03:15 PM


kiraford5 04/01/06 03:16 PM

razi, did you get my PM?

Razi 04/01/06 03:20 PM

No, my inbox is empty.


kiraford5 04/01/06 05:13 PM

okay, i'll send it again for ya!


Razi 04/01/06 05:58 PM

Got it!


TheDarkOne 04/01/06 10:15 PM


Other versions

Those 'Crawl' ones where the kinky ones I had mentioned.

04/02/06 06:22 PM

There not really that bad.

I like them all so far keep them coming guys.

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