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Sweetened Angel 01/25/06 04:27 PM

last tv show you watched
samething we did before.

now i watch ground for life

jeffbobs 01/25/06 05:19 PM

i just watched stargate atlantis, which i thought was really really good this time, because therte was an old enermy from normal stargate on it and they use to be rock hard and solid in combat but this new guy they found in another galaxy just kick his ass

Razi 01/25/06 09:18 PM

AMERICAN IDOL auditions in San Francisco. WOW! These people suck!


Sweetened Angel 01/25/06 09:29 PM

razi, did you see simon? he have bad day. lol

now i watch bone.

Razi 01/25/06 10:09 PM

OMG!! He was more aggrivated than I have ever seen him before!
It was pretty funny. Poor guy though.

Now, it's time for UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER.


01/26/06 12:14 AM

24 all day on DVD got to catch up with the new episodes.

â„¢H2Kâ„¢ 01/26/06 01:10 AM

Veronica Mars

Razi 01/26/06 10:13 PM

DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!! I love this show!


Kari 01/26/06 11:03 PM

Smallville *cries* it was so sad :(

Sweetened Angel 01/27/06 12:05 AM

full house

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