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Miki1988 08/19/20 02:16 AM

Board Link: https://hasbrotalk.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx
Board Description: Originally planned as a PR/Sentai/Toku-based board, I decided to take things to a much higher level and try to create something right out of the left field. HasbroTalk is a fully Hasbro-themed board. It features sections for Hasbro-owned/-ran brands, TV/animated projects, published comics, as well as fully packed Fan Fiction and RPG areas. Check it out.

PRangerX 08/26/20 08:56 AM

Re: HasbroTalk
Good idea, gets you a lot of topics.

Miki1988 08/26/20 12:38 PM

Re: HasbroTalk
That and all of the PR/Sentai/Toku-related stuff from legacy seasons had already been discussed like a billion times in circles on multiple boards. That's what got me thinking in a completely different direction when registering the board.

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